Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What’s the Scenario Wednesdays

Welcome back to another exciting What’s Up Wednesday! This week we are exploring Chemistry 101 but don’t worry, this is nothing like you had back in science class…or is it? 

Today's scene comes from a short by myself and Marteeka Karland entitled The Awakening kicking of a new series, Quel Scandale! coming soon!

Theme: CHEMISTRY 101

Setting: A nearly deserted neighborhood gym

Set-up:  Jordan is sick and tired of being sick and tired. She’s long since realized she’s lost the interest of her husband, who hasn’t touched her in years, but what was more, she’s lost interest in herself. Determined to change her life around and make a fresh start she decides to join a gym to shape up her body while shaping up her life. The very last thing she ever expected was for sexy gym owner Thorn to take a special interest in her journey to self disco very, but boy does he help!

"Okay, Jordan," he began in a tone that wrapped around her insides and squeezed. The man had the sexiest voice! "Tell me what you want to accomplish most with your time here?"

She almost laughed. This was too surreal. "Well, I think that's pretty obvious. I need to lose some weight. I’d like to look…better.”

Again, he eyed her up and down. Those blue eyes saw way more than she wanted him to.
"Stop that," she said. His gaze snapped back to her face immediately.

"Stop what?" His voice held genuine puzzlement, as if he didn't realize what he was doing. Which he probably didn't. He looked at women for a living. “You look pretty good to me. What am I doing that is making you blush like that?”

"Nothing, I just... It's a little uncomfortable having you scrutinize my body like that."

The last thing she expected was the slow smile that grazed his mouth. "Well, the last thing I want to do is make you uncomfortable. I just don’t think you look bad at all." He held out his hand, obviously expecting her to take it. "How about we concentrate on toning?”

Toning? Was he serious? She’d gone up at least five sizes since she’d been married.

“I think I need to lose a few pounds.” The guy was taking this whole make-the-customer-feel-good thing too far. It was silly, it was stupid, it was making her much too wet between her legs. Her sweats were light gray, for crying out loud; the last thing she wanted to do was disgrace herself utterly. “Let’s concentrate on that first.”

Thorn stepped closer into her personal space, their bodies brushing ever so slightly. God, he worked in a flipping gym! How come he smelled so good? His big hands framed her hips, then slid ever so slowly up her waist. Jordan glanced around nervously. Lord, this was awkward!

“Perhaps you didn’t understand what I was trying to say.” Thorn’s hands slid down to her hips, then back up to her waist. "I don't know why a woman with your curves would want to lose them. Though it's hard to tell exactly what you look like in the frumpy clothes you try to hide in." He stepped impossibly closer so that Jordan’s hands automatically slid up his chest. Every ridge and valley of his torso branded her palms. The man had a seriously hard body, and her mouth went dry at the thought of being able to explore it. Lord, this had to be a dream. The lopsided grin he flashed at her made her want to melt.

She tried to step back. If everyone in that stupid gym was watching them, she'd just die right there, but there was no one anywhere around them. They were alone. Jordan's heart rate leapt. What was happening here?

When she didn't move, he ran one hand up her arm to her chin and forced her gently to meet his gaze yet again. "Will you let me show you something, Jordan?" His husky question offered acceptance. She wanted that like she'd wanted nothing else in her entire life. She wanted Thorn, but she still wasn't sure what he was getting at. Hell, for all she knew, he was playing her, enjoying the feeling of power he got from turning her on.

"I'm not sure this is a good idea—" But he stopped her with a thumb to her lips.

"Don't think about it." He was rapidly closing the distance between their lips, and she was powerless to move away. "Just close your eyes and feel."

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Jeanie Johnson said...

He he he he he...naughty Thorn...naughty...please continue! :)

Josie said...

She was wearing light gray sweats...he he! Can't wait for this to come out.