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Great Scots!!! Available Right Now!!!!!

Great Scots!!!

Conaire fears for his sanity after being trapped on the Other Side for so many eons. All he wants is to get back to the human realm. So when the evil Fae Queen Elphame gives him a chance to escape, he takes it, completely unaware of the spell she casts as he steps through the ancient circle.

Seeing the spell and knowing it will not only bind Conaire, but his brother, MacKay, as well, to the first woman Conaire sleeps with, Scota takes matters into her own hands. She’s found the perfect mate for her sons.

If only someone had warned Tasha. Now she finds herself bonded to not one but two arrogant Scots gods.



Yep, this was definitely a dream. For one thing, she’d dated Hispanics, Asians, and Native American men, but she’d never strayed to pure vanilla before. Not that she had anything against white men, she’d just never experienced them. She simply couldn’t recall a white man, no matter how fine, making her this hot before -- and just by looking at him, to boot. Tasha was the kind of girl who needed a lot of coaxing and foreplay. Yet here she was all ready to jump some strange white guy. Oh, well, it was just a dream, right?

“Hi,” Tasha offered by way of breaking the ice. Her dreams didn’t usually include introductions, but what the hell. She was willing to roll with it.

“What manner of woman are ye, lass?” came the unexpected reply.

It was because she was in Scotland. Had to be. There was no other excuse for the question to tickle her rather than piss her off. Plus that deep voice laced with the accent was incredibly sexy. “I’m American,” she explained with a hell of lot more patience than she would have had if she’d been awake. “African-American.”

“Ah, the Colonies.” He nodded as if he were making perfect sense. “That explains it.”

Like there were no black people in Scotland. There weren’t a lot, but still, this was the twenty-first century. Being a dream man, maybe he was from another time. Yeah, she liked that. Her very own Highland warrior-type dude.

“I was here long before any Highlander, lass,” the man told her as he climbed on the bed toward her. “And I promise you this is no dream.”

Tasha closed her eyes as his hands caressed her cheeks, moving down to her throat, then to the valley in between her breasts. Never had a man’s touch set her on fire as quickly as this Viking.

“I’m nae a Viking, lass.” He cupped her breast and pinched the nipple. “You’ll nae call me one again.”

She didn’t recall calling him anything, at least not aloud. She would have informed him of that, but his mouth covered her other breast at that moment, biting painfully down on her nipple, and then lapping the pain away with his tongue. Her mind blanked, making her unable to concentrate on anything other than what he was doing to her. Her breathing grew labored as he moved to the other breast, lavishing equal attention on it before he raised his head and smiled down at her. “Conaire,” he told her.


“My name, lass. It’s Conaire.”

Were names really necessary in a dream like this? “Um, my name is… Uh…” Damn it! What the heck was her name? She knew it a minute ago, she was sure of it.

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Guess What's Back

Warning, this book contains MM interactions, hot bi-sexual menages, scandalous subject matter. This is a historical interracial multicultural adventure based in the French and Spanish New World colonies circa 18th century. Not for the faint of heart, the squeamish, or those looking for a sweet romance. Deals with martial infidelity, racial tensions in the slave era and The unique French system of plaçage. Please do not purchase if these tings offend you. This book has been revised from the original release.

Cherie Bonnet is the child of a gentleman planter and his placée (mixed race mistress). Diego de Aguilar was a true conquistador; a powerful duke and a captain in the Spanish Armada, and the former son-in-law of the king. From the moment he saw her, Diego had to make Cherie his own. Little did he know what keeping her would mean. Cherie’s fiancé, Étienne would move heaven and earth to be with her, even if it meant sharing her with Diego.

Together, the three face the worst society has to offer and the dangers of their forbidden love. Diego must learn to let go of his inhibitions and allow love to thrive. Cherie must learn the secrets of her family's past in order to face the future, and make her unusual situation flourish.

An excerpt from the book
“You come out of the closet now,” Diego said turning his attention back to the chessboard.

Merde! Cherie’s heart stopped dead in chest. How had he known she was there? Swallowing harshly, she commanded her feet to move. Christine was going to kill her. The only thing she could do was to beg for mercy. Marshaling her courage, she marched into the room.

“Monsieur, s’il vous plait forgive me. I meant no harm, truly. I only wanted to…well, um, see how it was done.”

A vicious punch in the gut could not have hit harder than sensation of blood rushing to his cock. After six long months of nothing Diego was suddenly harder than steel and desperate to sink himself in to any and every hole she had to offer. Who was this vision before him, and why the hell had he never seen her before? He tried in vain to recall what he might have done to have such a goddess practically dropped in his lap. Did she really say she just wanted to see how it was done? The little vixen had no idea what she had just gotten herself into. She stood nervously shifting from one foot to another waiting to see what he would do.

Diego leaned back in his chair to study the dream come to life in front of him. She had a complexion like peaches and cream all coated in warm honey. It made the mouth water just looking at it. And that body. She was not dressed like one of the working girls, and seeing as she was obviously a virgin she was probably some relation to the either Madame or her lover Didier. The dress she wore was modest but did nothing to hide the hills and valleys of her delectable petite body. Her hair was the color of a moonless night with a kiss of copper threaded through which fell in luscious curls to her waist. Ah, to wrap those locks around his fist as he rode home. And those eyes! An insufferably rigid hard-on got harder. She had the clearest, purest blue-green eyes he had ever seen.

Oh, yes she would be his.

“Come here niña.”


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First Naughty Nanny Book!!!

The First of the Naughty Nanny Series by Reana Malori!!!
Loving Rick Harper's children has been the only thing Cherie Gilbert has thought about for the past three years. Oh yeah, she thought about their sexy father as well. Will a misunderstanding - a misheard conversation - ruin their chance at love. Cherie's willing to walk away from the love of her life. Rick's job is to convince her to stay.


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Just Released!!!



Janie Flores was new in the small town of Hartford, Texas. All her family is back in San Antonio, several hours away. So when she hears noises coming from her downstairs she calls the local police department to come investigate.

Hartford Police Officer Jackson Ryan and his partner are almost off duty when they get called to a possible break-in. Jackson is enraged to find the sexy woman he saw at the grocery several days earlier. While waiting to take her statement he notices some of her books that have him thinking of cuffing her to his bed.


The local hardware store was open by the time she arrived. Armed with her list she made her way inside. She was greeted by the several people as she made her way down the aisles grabbing what she needed and putting it into her cart. It was just like her to have something she needed located not only on the top shelf but all the way back she needed to extend her arms an extra six inches to reach it. Climbing onto the last shelf she went on her tiptoes but she still couldn’t reach the damn box.

“Let me get that.” Janie froze as she recognized the deep gruff voice behind her. She held her breath as he leaned in and reached for the box she was trying to reach. Janie bit back a groan, fighting the urge not to press back into his big body. “Is this what you were looking for?”

“Yes,” she said a little too breathless for her liking. Janie waited until he moved back before stepping down. He didn’t move back far enough because she brushed against him as she turned to face him. He was dressed in an old grey t-shirt that stretched across wide chest. Janie had to force herself to look up into his face. As a woman, she knew it was rude to stare at someone’s chest, even with her small and unimpressive breasts men still stared. There was nothing small about him though. He was built on a massive scale. Finally reaching his face, she saw the knowing smirk on his face.

“I was waiting for your phone call this morning.”

“I didn’t want to bother you. I knew you would be tired this morning,” which he didn’t look like it. He looked like he got his recommended eight hours of sleep. She on the other hand was not looking like her cute usual self. At 31, she discovered she needed her beauty sleep. “Besides I can shop all by myself.”

“That’s not the point. I gave you a specific order to call me.”

Janie couldn’t believe what she just heard. Did he just say he gave her an order? She wasn’t sure if her tired brain was playing games with her. His next words confirmed it.

“Next time I expect to be obeyed. There will be repercussions if you don’t. What else do you need to get?”

“What do you mean repercussions?” Janie was pretty sure what he meant but she needed to make sure they were talking about the same thing.

“You know what I mean Janie, but perhaps I should’ve said punishments.” he stepped closer to her, pushing her back against the shelf behind her. “I can give you a spanking or better yet I can cuff you to my bed and explore you at my leisure. Would you like that,” he whispered into her ear.

Janie was panting by the time he finished talking. She couldn’t believe that he just said he would spank or cuff her in the middle of the hardware store where anyone could hear them. She should be embarrassed but truth be told she was so aroused she would need a change of panties when she got back home. All she could do was nod her head.



Daire had always wanted Shelby, but their friendship was too important to risk complicating things. But there was no way in hell he could ever allow some other man to claim her. So when Shelby came to him asking for advice about a Dom she was considering, Daire knew he couldn’t wait any longer. It was time to show Shelby he was the only man for her.

Shelby always considered Daire her very best friend. He was the one she always came to for advice when it came to men. The last thing she expected when she confided her interest on a man with the same fetish Daire had was to find herself tied to his bed and completely at his mercy. Who knew how good it felt to be spanked?


“Why are you in your underwear and why are you in that chair?” He could care less about the answer. Ah, the chance to discipline her; shit, she was just begging for it.

Maybe she had for a while without realizing it. There has always been a spark of attraction between them they had both steadfastly ignored. Why? It seemed so crystal clear to him now; she was his. Always had been. He was a fool for waiting so long to claim her.

“I, uh, wanted to read.”

It was a sorry excuse, and she knew it. He could tell by the glint of mischief in her eyes. Oh, the hours of fun they were going to have. The possibilities had his shaft crying for joy.

“Come here, Shelby.”

She unfolded herself slowly from the chair, swaying her hips as she walked toward him. The little minx had the nerve to look halfway contrite to boot. When she was an inch away she stopped, looking up at him through thick lashes. His cock was throbbing now, but she wasn't about to give it to her just let.

“Take off the bra and panties.” He wanted to touch her badly, but she had to be disciplined first. If he gave her the upper hand this first time, she would take it from here on out. That wasn't how Daire rolled. She needed to learn that now. He waited while she stretched it out, driving him crazy by the slow peeling of the scanty excuse of underwear. He blinked at the tiny airstrip of pubic hair left on her mound. The rest of that pretty puss was bare and smooth. Waxed. Did she do this for Brooks? The thought had him seeing red. That bastard wasn't ever coming anywhere near what was his. He would break his fucking neck if he tried.

“You know I have to spank you, don’t you, baby?” Damned if Shelby didn’t crack the briefest smile at that.

“I’m sorry, Daire.” She didn’t even sound a little repentant.

“Go lay down on your back.” He had to take a step back as she did as she was told. One touch and it would be over. “Put your feet flat on the bed, legs spread wide.”