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Allie's Diary - Unconditional Surrender 
by Allie Blocker $1.00

Allie moves into a new level with her relationship with Lewis. She has already given him her love, but she really to give him her everything? Take a peek into her diary and follow her journey to unconditional surrender.

I Saw You, Baby
by Shara Azod $1.99

Aina was running scared. Everywhere she looked, there was Master Sergeant Daiki Wakahisa, looking so fine it made her weak in the knees. Knowing she couldn’t
The Boys have him, she chose to run, vacating any area he was at. Little did she know the Master Sergeant was watching, and counting the second when he could make her his.

Introducing - The Boys of Summer

Working it Out
by Nikki Winter $2.99

Carlo Santiago had good friends and bad ones but he’d never had a strange one until he met Aubrey Richards. How one woman could turn his world inside out without any effort was astonishing and scary all at the same time. Three years of having someone use all your personal things at their whim was nothing new to him but what happens when Aubrey decides she needs just him?

Or Lovers?
Aubrey was strange. She knew it and so did everyone else around her but only one man besides her Daddy seemed to have the tolerance for it. Carlo Santiago was the epitome of hotness. Everything from his intellect to his way of making her feel normal and his gorgeous looks intrigued Aubrey and she knew that if nothing else happened between them they at least needed to be friends. When the small issue came up of her needing to drop a few pounds she knew exactly where to go. Hitting the mat with Carlo becomes a challenge but the real fun starts when they hit the sheets…


Aubrey smacked his shoulder, taking some satisfaction when he winced. “All that nasty stuff you got going on in your head, just let it go.”

He tried to look innocent and failed. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Yeah, right.”

“Okay, when you throw out an image of two beautiful women alone in a dressing room… What do you expect?”

“I expect for you to act like you have some sense so I don’t have to find my blade.”

“Perhaps you’ll be naked when you use said blade?” He looked hopeful.

She shrugged. “Why not throw you a bone before you take your last breath?”

“See, I thought you’d just be naked, I never thought you’d throw me a bone too.”

She patted his cheek. “Quiet yourself and feed me before I start screaming.”

Carlo chuckled and let her slide into the booth before him as they sat across from Gwen and Tony. He held the menu back from her. “They’ve got a turkey club on rye and some baked chips that you’ll love.”

“Are you telling me what to eat?” she queried softly.

“And risk the tendons in the backs of my ankles being sliced? I don’t think so. I know your eating patterns, and I know today is your sandwich day.” He sat back with a smug expression.

“It’ll also be the day I finally use my shovel if you don’t wipe that look off your face.”

Gwen and Tony snorted. Turning toward her in the booth, Carlo said, “You can’t kill me because you love me so stop with the grumpy act, order the sandwich, and then kiss me as a thank you.”

“How about I let my foot kiss your—”

Since they argued and argued a lot, Aubrey didn’t expect Carlo’s tongue in her mouth anytime soon. Not to say she hadn’t thought about it happening more than enough times, she just hadn’t expected it to happen now, and she really didn’t expect her nipples to harden so much that they stung—nor was she prepared for the flood of moisture that hit her right between the thighs.

“Damn…” she heard somebody mutter but was too busy enjoying Carlo’s hands in her hair, tugging her head back for him to plunder her mouth some more. Her hands returned the favor as she enjoyed the growl that rumbled through his chest.

“We might as well clear the table since it looks like they’ll need it.”

Aubrey managed to pry her eyes open and broke off the kiss when Gwen said that. Her back hit the booth again, and she took in a lungful of air.

“Here girl, have some water. I think he sucked your mouth dry.” Gwen handed her a glass and turned away, but Aubrey could tell she was fighting off laughter. Tony just shook his head and winked at her while Carlo looked rather…agitated.

“Any reason you’re looking at me like that other than your obvious desire to lose your eyes?” she asked when she could breathe normally.

“I wasn’t done,” he answered. Did he just…growl that? Normally Aubrey would’ve gone for her blade, but all he did was make her clit start doing the tango. Yeah, she was crazy, but this was a whole other level.

The Politician
by Marteeka  Karland &
Shara Azod$3.99

James followed the music and lost his heart. Lark wasn't a woman he could ignore even if he'd wanted to. She called to him on a level he didn't understand and could care less about. All he knew was that, once he'd seen her, he had to make her his. No matter the cost to himself.

Lark is a free spirit. She lives day to day, celebrating the good, but realizing that some things just can't be. That includes any kind of meaningful relationship with Congressman James Buchanan. The good Senator was elected in South Georgia and there was just no way in hell he keeps his seat if he's caught in a compromising situation with a black woman.

Except that's exactly what happens. Now, Lark must leave him or risk destroying his career, something she's not willing to do. But is James willing to go against the man who's always spearheaded his campaigns and helped take James so far up the political ladder?

   Lark felt her world veer off kilter. Spinning around, she turned to face him. She knew anger blazed in her eyes, but she couldn't help it. "That's not funny, James." She might dream at night in her heart of hearts, but the damned man had no right to do this to her. "Don't joke about something like that. It's not nice."   She was very close to tears, and that made her all the more angry at him.

   When she would have pushed away from him, his hands framed her face, forcing her to look at him. "I'm not joking, Lark." The intensity in his eyes took her breath. Even in the moonlight, she could see passion glittering there. He shook her a little, obviously trying to make his point. "I swear to you, I will marry you, if you'll have me. House seat be damned."

   Was she a fool to believe him? She wanted to, so bad it hurt. While Lark wasn't a pessimist, she didn't believe in fairytale endings. Still, the chemistry was very real between the two of them. It just wasn't the kind of connection she expected someone like James to acknowledge. From all that she had ever seen of him he was a very practical person. Not the kind of man who fell for a woman he'd just met.

   “I want to believe you.” She really did. But she hadn't made it this far in life by being a fool.

   “Then take a chance.” James tangled his fingers in her hair, pulling her closer until they were face to face. "I promise you won't regret it." Then, he claimed her mouth with his.

   Being kissed by James was like being consumed. When his tongue swept into her mouth, she lost all coherent thought. All that mattered was him. Kissing him. Loving him. He seemed to invade every part of her, taking her outside herself and transporting her to the clouds.

   Of their own accord, her arms slid around his neck, her fingers finding the strands of hair at the back of his neck. His body pressed against her was so hard and warm, she wanted to crawl inside of him, climb him, let him take care of her. She wasn't a weak woman—quite the opposite—but James’ strength of body and character made her feel very feminine. Having him look after her wouldn't be such a bad thing.

   They'd stopped underneath the pier, the waves crashing along the pylons in deeper water. Before she knew it, her back was against one of the large wooden braces and James' hand bunched in her dress, palming her flesh as he slid it ever upward. His thumbs hooked over the waist of her thong and pulled it down her legs. He had to kneel to remove them, placing them in his pocket.

   "I'll just hang on to these," he mumbled as he stood. "You can have them back after the wedding."

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