Friday, June 26, 2009

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With a fierceness and determination that inhabits most volunteers, Rolanda swelled with pride as she followed her dreams of helping her fellow world citizens as she trekked across the globe to Afghanistan. There she discovered she was volunteering for something even her wildest imaginations could not foresee- as what awaited her in that hot, desert clime was a mysterious sheik that looked and breathed as if he were ripped from pages of the erotic romances which were her guilty pleasure. With a tenseness that gripped her throat with the possibility of the unknown, she realized her only way of escaping him was to submit to his will and regale him with the erotic tales he demanded. With her future on the line, she began to spin one tale each night for one thousand and one nights in order to secure her freedom. But what kind of freedom did he mean? Biding her time, Rolanda spun him the First Night's tale while subconsciously plotting her escape.

In the land of Frumos, nothing is quite what it seems - as was true with infamous brothers Valentin and DragoĊŸ. The Alexandrescu's, were rumored to be brutal despots, renowned for taking their land and whatever else pleased them, by brutal force. But what Kiana found as she investigated the mystery of these brothers was something beyond all comprehension; something dark and enigmatic. In this tiny Eastern block country she became so entangled with them, that she would never be who she once was.

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Monday, June 22, 2009

Now Available!!!!

Hungry? Get two deliciously little bites to whet you appetite at a price that won’t break your wallet!

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Casting Spells

No, no, no, no! Gargoyles didn’t exist!

Too bad her rational mind was at odds with every other instinct in her body. He was a gargoyle, all right. A damn find one at that.

“You called me.” His voice was not loud, but it was deep and gravelly; and for some reason, easily heard above the boom and bass of the music blaring throughout the club. “I heard you call and accept your offer.”

“My-my offer?” Her voice was wobbly and weak. She wasn’t sure how she knew, but she knew he could hear it nonetheless. The cocked brow was a dead giveaway.

“To mate,” he explained impatiently, moving forward enough to force her backward.

“Uh, I think there might be some mistake.” He kept moving forward, so she kept moving back, until she found herself flat against the back wall to the right of raised platform booth containing the deejay.

“There was no mistake,” he growled all sexy-like at her. Her panties were instantly wet. A bolt of raw, unadulterated need shot through her body.

Oh, man she was in trouble! Looking around, she noticed no one, not even Anne, was looking in their direction. In fact, Anne was staring wistfully at the spot Rebecca had so recently vacated on the dance floor.

“They can’t see us,” the gargoyle informed her. “They see you as you were. We are completely masked.” His hands came to rest on either side of her head, trapping her against the wall. “I fought for the right to have you, and you will be mine.”

Next Door Favor

“Mine!” he roared and hauled her in his arms.

“Then act like you want it, motherfucker!” she spat.

Act like he wanted it? Act?! Was she fucking kidding? He didn’t have to act like shit—he wanted Lightning and he was going to spend the rest of the day proving that!

“I don’t have to act like I want what’s mine. I’ve wanted it since I laid eyes on it,” he drawled in her ear.

“Well, then, come big or stay at home!” she challenged.

“I am at home,” he returned as he backed her into the counter and acquainted himself with her curves.

“Then there’s nothing left for you to do…except for come,” she said as she lifted her pelvis into his.

Having his arm full of his fantasy felt right, but Sebastian still needed more. Pulling her closer, he reached down and caressed her sex, reveling in the way she opened for him. Closing his eyes, he inhaled deeply, dragging the scent of her arousal deep into his lungs. He couldn’t help but feel arrogant knowing he was the reason for the dew that soaked her scrap of panty. Feeling her wrap her legs tightly around him, he thrust his jean-covered crotch against her mound, mimicking sex.

“Sebastian,” she moaned. Sebastian.”

The sound of his name on her tongue almost broke him. He’d never heard his name said like that. He’d heard his name said with contempt, apathy, textbook pronunciation, anger, fear, lust, even maternal love, but he’d never heard his name come out of anyone’s mouth the way it had from Lightning’s. She said his name so good, so honest, so feisty, and now he wanted to hear her scream his name with all of that passion. Hefting her in his arms, he made his way to the bedroom.

His trek was interrupted by the star of his fantasies. “The sauce, Sebastian. Don’t forget the sauce.”

Grabbing the sauce on his way, he made a beeline for his bedroom.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

New Obessesion

The first dude who ever asked to go out with me was this auburn head hottie in seventh grade. He kinda looked like this:

I loved Kevin McKidd since I first saw him and for the life of me I couldn't understand why. Then it hit me. Brian! (Forgot his last name, I am old)

Brian and I never went on an actual "date", but Monday through Friday from eight a.m. until about four, we were boyfriend and girlfriend. He walked my half way home (I was terrified my dad might catch us so he couldn't walk me all the way-sooo wasn't allowed to date, and my dad was prejudiced so I REALLY couldn't date a white guy). He gave me my first kiss. He was the first guy to tell me I was beautiful. Not hot, beautiful. He looked at me like I was, well, special.
Life throws us twists and turns, takes us places we never imagine, but you never forget your first. Not the first time I had sex, but the first time I fell in love. Here's to you Brian, where ever you are!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Check The New Cover

No release date as of yet. Will let y'all know as soon as I do. So excited about this one! Hope you like!