Saturday, February 18, 2012

New Releases!! (with buy links!!!!)

New Releases Today!!! (with buy links!!!!)

Valentine's Sucks!!!
Or Does It?

Change of Heart by
Nikki Winter

Kyran Alexander had no idea how he was going to make the woman that he adored beyond anything see him as more than a fried. And he damn sure didn’t know how he was going to make her stop hating a national holiday made just for lovers but he was determined to try. Could he get his long time best friend and the love of his life Maryssa Williams to see past the pain of one experience and have a change of heart?

Gloria's Man by
Marteeka Karland

Valentine's Day sucks. At least it does this year after Gloria catches her boyfriend in a kinky ménage à trios- and in her own damn bed. The sorry son of a- .

Refusing to be broken and never one to wallow in self pity, Gloria rejects the notion of just sitting there feeling sad. Dusting herself off, she put on her hottest outfit and heads to the hottest club in town. Cheat on her would he? He was soooo lucky she hadn’t made the dangerous mistake of falling in love. At least not with her no good cheating now ex-boyfriend. The last thing she expect however is Russian billionaire Raulf Lundgrin and his very keen interest in her.
But what could a man who could -- and quite frequently did -- have any woman he wants possibly want with her? Her body, of course. And Raulf is out to make this the most memorable Valentine's Day Gloria has ever had. Isn’t he lucky she was in the mood to let him?

I Hate You by
Shara Azod

Chanti hated Egan. Like seriously hated him. He was the bane of her existence, the fly in her ointment. The – seriously finest man she had ever laid eyes on. But she wasn’t going to be fooled. No way she would ever let her guard down. He was a player, a womanizer. If only he wasn’t so very doable. It was a good thing she hated him. Right?

New Quel Scandale!!!!

Smart Man by
Janet Eckford
What makes a fantasy good? That you can place yourself in it, without restraint or concerns, play with the fire of temptation without the fear of being burned. Here is a fantasy with a kiss of fire and a touch of naughty, that burns as it soothes, and has you look into that deeper part of yourself and think, "This could be me" and smile.

Brand New Allie & Lewis Diaries

In light of the gift Lewis has giving her, Allie must come to grips with the Collar. What does it really mean, and does she accept it? Lewis waits patiently while she makes the decision; does she accept his Collar and all that it means.

Sometimes marriage is hard. Allie and Lewis are no strangers to the normal tiffs that couples sometimes have. It is just how they resolve their issues that makes their relationship unique.

Lewis and Allie declare the nature of their love permanently for all to see.

Lewis wants nothing more than to impregnate his woman. The need drives at him day and night, but he is Allie ready to take that step? Little does he know Allie has plans of her own to create a new life with the man she loves.

Available now at Changeling Press
Ukko is a general of the Spentas. He fears nothing, backs down from nothing, questions nothing -- until he finds something he can't explain. Who is this mysterious female with powers equal to his? Who sent her? What is her purpose? And the most important question of all -- how has she captured his heart?

Available now at Beautiful Trouble Publishing

Julia “The Jewels” Vernon was the all-time, undefeated champion in pudding wrestling, the underground sensation that had made her an extremely successfully businesswoman. Together with her best friend, they had stumbled across a cash cow, but now it was time to give something back. What better way to raise money for her favorite charity than to have a match with the undefeated champion of “real” wrestling?

Okay, so maybe she had ulterior motives for challenging Chauncey Cullens to a pudding wrestling match for charity. And maybe she was teasing him a little in the ring, before she took him down. And yes, she was tweaking him a little by giving in to his request for a rematch, only to take him down again. But a real man could take it, just like it would take a real man to take her.