Friday, February 14, 2014

New releases for Valentine's Day Weekend!

When tiger shifter Dax's brother Fin, decides to welcome his brothers mate with streaking across the meadow, he created a hailstorm of fury, not laughter. Adding to the fated melee, Dax's ex fiancé, Sparrow, bursts upon the scene with hopes of a reconciliation.
Things turn from bad to worse when Dax’s mate, Zhara, bolts from the heartache and runs straight into Sparrows, biker brother Starl.
Zhara’s dreams of making a good impression on her boyfriend’s family not only go up in flames, but an inferno of misunderstandings. When she catches Dax in the arms of his ex, she follows her instincts.
Sadly they send her straight into Starls arms. A smoking hot biker shifter who turns things even more topsy-turvy.
Will yanking the tiger’s tail destroy the couple for good, or will Dax unsheathe his claws for the fight of life and mate?

What's a god to do when his most sacred day of the year has suddenly become so...uninspiring? In all his centuries of walking among mankind, Cupid has never had an issue drawing his bow and aiming for the hearts of mortals, opening their most coveted desires and watching as they stumbled across what they yearned for. Well not until this holiday. Not until he finds himself struck by his most prized possession and thoroughly enamored with one incredibly beautiful human who needs to be shown just why he's worshiped...

Ian O’Donnell was the only one to survive the massacre of his family. During the long wait to avenge them he met Charlene and fell in love. With love in his life again, Ian hesitates to do the duty he has patiently waited over a hundred years to do. Will Charlene be the loophole that will allow him to have love and revenge?

Major Evan Knight was a battle-hardened man who had always put the Marine Corps before his own needs. Sierra Walker, a single mother raising an nine-year old son, wanted more from life than what was in front of her. A school project for her son would bring Major Knight into their lives and give them all something they never knew they needed...each other.

Sonya Gou has a major issue. Her guardian keeps her safe from threats against her life and his heart. How can she survive being so close to the one man she cannot have?
Zihao Liang. Guardian. Warrior. Earthen. Blood sworn to protect the Gou's treasure, Sonya, he has put his love for her beneath a sacred vow to protect her at all cost.
Zihao and Sonya must put their love to the test when a powerful enemy threatens all they hold dear.


Sunday, February 2, 2014

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“All good things must come to an end…” had become Elena Miller's silent mantra. The only issue was, what she needed to end was more so comfortable than good.
During her self discovery as a submissive she'd once thought her first and only Dom was everything she desired. Sadly, her discovery became a cold hard reality. In essence Brayden Mathis was a wonderful man but he simply wasn't the man. She knew it, he knew it and on their final night together, Elena opens herself to saying goodbye, to accepting what her true needs are and to being freed...

Some rules weren't meant to be broken and it was becoming quite clear to Lewis that his sweet Allie was forgetting that. Or she was attempting to goad him by breaking his cardinal laws. It didn't matter which, he didn't care for explanations and he was really in no mood to entertain pretty pouts and soft smiles. No, his Allie needed discipline and he was all too happy to oblige...