Saturday, March 15, 2014

New Erotic Romances!

You don't need luck to find steamy hot St.Patrick's Day romance! Available now at!

It is never wise to piss off a goddess, especially a flame haired Irish goddess with a temper as hot as her tresses. That was something cousins Ciaran and Connor found out the hard way. For one night of folly the cousins must walk the earth, deprived of the thing that caused their downfall – women. No contact with any member of the opposite sex until they find their perfect mate. A quest that seemed easy, but has proven to be impossible.

Just when they think they will never find a woman for each of them to break the curse they so richly deserved, the Luck of the Irish smiles upon them. Both end up in the United States; one in Chicago and the other in San Diego. The two cousins get the shock of their lives when they met the women meant to be theirs. Not exactly what they had expected and far outside anything they’d ever dealt with when they were still human.

Will they be able to keep these women for their own or just have a taste of ecstasy to tease them rest of their immortal lives?

Kelly came to New York to act, yet somehow she ends up managing Kilpatrick’s, an up-and-coming brewery and pub. When it comes to planning the pub’s grand re-opening on St. Patrick’s Day, Kelly’s ready to dive in and make it happen. There’s just one problem—her boss and sexy best friend, Dylan Kilpatrick, has pretty much told her to leave the St. Patrick’s Day planning to the Irish. And yes, he should be happy he still has his spleen, because Kelly is seriously tempted to snatch it clean out after that unintentional insult.

As Kelly tries to make Dylan see reason, Dylan tries to make her see that they are perfect for each other. He’s been biding his time waiting for just the right moment to take things to the next level. As a brewer, he knows the best brews take time before he’s able to enjoy the delectable taste of the finished product, and his relationship with Kelly is nearly ready. Will St. Patrick’s Day give him them the push they need? With a bit of Irish luck, they’ll both get what they want.


Rowan Brennan was determined to apply the well-known creed about a man's trash and a man's treasure to his own life. He'd watched his former best friend throw away what was more than likely the best thing that had ever happened to the both of them and ignoring it was now impossible. Simone Bruster's interest in navigating the raucous crowds, frat boys and adults attempting to regain their youth through too many shots on St. Patrick's Day is null and void. Rowan can't exactly blame her since last year's holiday brought her nothing but tears and green beer but this year--oh this year--he plans to bring her his kiss, his touch and a few things that don't have anything to do with Irish luck but basic masculine skill...

Monday, March 3, 2014

New Releases!

New Erotic Romances!

Tired of the winter that just won't end? Warm up with these steamy reads!

Kamali Oriade is in over her head and terrified for both herself and her son. After watching her father murdered before a significant portion of her pride was wiped out by a merciless rogue lion, she soon finds her terror transforming into cold, unerring determination to survive. Not just for herself but for the cub who means everything to her. Her son is wanted dead and she’s wanted as a trophy for a man who craves taking everything her surname is attached to. Just when her battle begins and running seems to be the most viable option she stumbles into the presence of one pushy, overbearing, food obsessed tiger who doesn’t seem too interested in letting her go…
Kaisal Verochka is a typical pride male. He torments his sibling and younger cousin, pisses off his parents and sleeps when he isn’t hunting or listening to classical music to stem his baser…urges. With a shadowed past full of mistakes that haunt him daily, he never expects for someone—least of all a lioness with an itchy trigger finger—to come along and silence his demons using only the power of her smile. He never expects the laughter of a cub to lift the weight of regret from him. And he never expects one chance encounter to leave him so in tune with two individuals that he can’t find it in himself to separate from them. But it happens. It happens, and he refuses to give up that smile, that laughter. Even if it means massacring those pursuing what he now considers his…

Collin Mathews lived a simple life in a simple town. Work, beer and getting laid.
Yeah, life was good. Until he overheard, “Hide and seek, hide and seek, find the rainbow and earn your treat.”
Ever since he’d heard those words and found the exotic naked beauty singing them, his world had been anything but normal. Uncovering the fact his mysterious woman might be a leprechaun shook his entire being.
Maybe this strange turn in his life isn't about pots of gold at the end of rainbows but treasures far more exquisite...

Saint Patrick’s Day had never been something Declan, Kean, or Navan were particularly interested in, despite their Irish heritage. Mostly, it was viewed as a way to make money at their pub with green beer. That was until Promise Oliver started a promotional campaign for her anti Saint Patrick’s Day baked goods.
Promise was a woman who knew what she wanted and never settled for less. Until the three hunks across the street with the Irish pub threw her for a loop. She knew they were all interested in her, but she could never make up her mind which one she wanted. Therefore, she ignored them. Completely. As much as any woman could anyway. They were all the stuff of any woman’s fantasies complete with rock hard bodies and to die for ginger hair.
So when the three hunks on a stick decide to confront her about her anti Saint Patrick’s Day line of goodies... well, the sweet stuff is always in the promise of more...


Friday, February 14, 2014

New releases for Valentine's Day Weekend!

When tiger shifter Dax's brother Fin, decides to welcome his brothers mate with streaking across the meadow, he created a hailstorm of fury, not laughter. Adding to the fated melee, Dax's ex fiancé, Sparrow, bursts upon the scene with hopes of a reconciliation.
Things turn from bad to worse when Dax’s mate, Zhara, bolts from the heartache and runs straight into Sparrows, biker brother Starl.
Zhara’s dreams of making a good impression on her boyfriend’s family not only go up in flames, but an inferno of misunderstandings. When she catches Dax in the arms of his ex, she follows her instincts.
Sadly they send her straight into Starls arms. A smoking hot biker shifter who turns things even more topsy-turvy.
Will yanking the tiger’s tail destroy the couple for good, or will Dax unsheathe his claws for the fight of life and mate?

What's a god to do when his most sacred day of the year has suddenly become so...uninspiring? In all his centuries of walking among mankind, Cupid has never had an issue drawing his bow and aiming for the hearts of mortals, opening their most coveted desires and watching as they stumbled across what they yearned for. Well not until this holiday. Not until he finds himself struck by his most prized possession and thoroughly enamored with one incredibly beautiful human who needs to be shown just why he's worshiped...

Ian O’Donnell was the only one to survive the massacre of his family. During the long wait to avenge them he met Charlene and fell in love. With love in his life again, Ian hesitates to do the duty he has patiently waited over a hundred years to do. Will Charlene be the loophole that will allow him to have love and revenge?

Major Evan Knight was a battle-hardened man who had always put the Marine Corps before his own needs. Sierra Walker, a single mother raising an nine-year old son, wanted more from life than what was in front of her. A school project for her son would bring Major Knight into their lives and give them all something they never knew they needed...each other.

Sonya Gou has a major issue. Her guardian keeps her safe from threats against her life and his heart. How can she survive being so close to the one man she cannot have?
Zihao Liang. Guardian. Warrior. Earthen. Blood sworn to protect the Gou's treasure, Sonya, he has put his love for her beneath a sacred vow to protect her at all cost.
Zihao and Sonya must put their love to the test when a powerful enemy threatens all they hold dear.


Sunday, February 2, 2014

Available Now

“All good things must come to an end…” had become Elena Miller's silent mantra. The only issue was, what she needed to end was more so comfortable than good.
During her self discovery as a submissive she'd once thought her first and only Dom was everything she desired. Sadly, her discovery became a cold hard reality. In essence Brayden Mathis was a wonderful man but he simply wasn't the man. She knew it, he knew it and on their final night together, Elena opens herself to saying goodbye, to accepting what her true needs are and to being freed...

Some rules weren't meant to be broken and it was becoming quite clear to Lewis that his sweet Allie was forgetting that. Or she was attempting to goad him by breaking his cardinal laws. It didn't matter which, he didn't care for explanations and he was really in no mood to entertain pretty pouts and soft smiles. No, his Allie needed discipline and he was all too happy to oblige...

Saturday, January 11, 2014

New releases to warm you through the winter freeze!

Unrequited love sounded so clichĂ© when it came to describing what Sansone Sultana felt for his business partner and best friend Nyssa Blackwell and yet, it seemed to be the only viable option of words. When you spent the majority of your time staring at a woman and wondering if you could get away with bending her over your desk without being slapped ugly, there wasn't much else you could use to characterize your feelings. But when Nyssa slips up on the night of her birthday, giving Sansone a taste of the sweetest mouth he’s ever know after one too many, he finds himself questioning if his silent adoration is truly as unreciprocated as he thought. A man recognized for his voracious predatory instincts in their profession, he can’t very well let this slide through his fingers can he? After all, he is called the barracuda…

What's a girl to do when faced with three years of jail time or one night with a sensual dominant? Submit of course. Isabella Court didn't think that one night with with her boss, Duke Vincentio would be as bad as going to jail. What she didn't plan on was the lust the arrogant mogul ignited in her. One night, no jail. What's the worse that could happen?


Valeria went looking for her sister and found... much more.

In danger of freezing to death, she catches the attention of a cat. A cat who is as sexy as he is curious. Sasha is a White Tiger and he holds the key to finding Valeria’s sister. The only question is, is Valeria woman enough to take the heat that will melt the ice...