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What’s the Scenario Wednesdays

Scenario:  A cantina catering to those on the fringes or even fully underground on Earth-like planet in a far galaxy that exasperates the classes by domes.

Set Up:  All Tyr wanted was a drink. Well that and some female companionship. Being a hired assassin was a lonely life, but it was the life he chose. No strings, no problems. The little lost innocent that wandered into the bar was definitely not his problem. Spoiled little princess like her spelled trouble no matter what language you spoke. The fact she was attracting all kinds of attention was not his problem. He would not go rescue her from her fate. She should have nown better than to walk into a cantina fo far away from the cloud dome. Nope he wasn;t going to...

Aw, hell.

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     “What are you doing? Let me go!” The panic in her voice was unmistakable. “I’m meeting someone --”
     “Sure you are. It’s a little late for fear now, little one,” he hissed. “You have no business in a place like this.” Deliberately, he swung her around in the direction of the two lizards. They looked as if they had every intention of fighting Tyr for her, even knowing he could break their scaly necks with little effort. Some things were worth fighting for, and this little redhead was definitely one of them. Oh, no, where the hell had that thought come from? Nope, not gonna happen. He was going to get her out of here, and that would be that.
      She trembled beneath his touch. Good. The wench wasn’t a total dimwit. She looked up at him with a mixture of fear and excitement in her startlingly green eyes. She should really stop that. He was seconds away from pushing her up against the wall as it was. That body of hers was begging for it. Her breast brushed against his arm, her sweet smell enveloping his senses.
     Tyr didn’t stop once they were outside. He kept going, practically dragging her behind him.  They needed to get to a place of relative safety, which wasn’t saying much this close to the surface. Those Cardilians might feel lucky and think the two of them could take him with no one around to break up the fight. It was tricky avoiding the entrances to alleys, and it was imperative he remain aware of their surroundings as well as the woman at his side.
      “Where are you taking me?” Her voice was going up in pitch and volume in her fright. Good. She needed to know what kind of danger she was in. She definitely didn’t need to be in this part of the city, and she needed to know why.
     “I’m going to put you on a train back to the upper levels.” And away from him. “You have no business down here.” Temptation like this was deadly to a man like him. First came the intense attraction, then BAM! he was lying in an unmarked grave somewhere because he’d been paying attention to her instead of everything around him. He was a man alone, an assassin. He was feared, damn it. Women like her were nothing but problems on top of complications.
     “At least come with me.”
     He stopped then. Maybe she really was a dimwit? Did he look like a fucking escort? “Now, why the fuck would I do that?”
     “If you send me back, I’m as good as dead.”
     Now, that got his attention. “That’s a hell of a thing to say. Why would someone want to kill you?”
     “It’s my fiancé. My father agreed to the match because he seemed so in love with me, but it was really all a ploy to get my father’s money. If you help me, I’d be willing to pay anything you asked.”
      Immediately, his half-hard cock sprang to full attention. It happened so fast, he nearly fell to his knees as the blood made a beeline away from his brain. Didn’t that just open up all kinds of possibilities? It brought to mind all kinds of nasty little scenarios. Her on her knees, mouth open, full of his cock. Legs sticking up in the air, ankles resting on his shoulders. Or the best yet, her tied to his bed, wet and open and willing. Hell, at this point, he’d take her any way he could get her.
      “I assume you had a plan when you came down here?” His voice had gone husky. He didn’t want to scare her off, but it was next to impossible to remain calm when she smelled like she did. He wondered if her pussy would smell as sweet as the rest of her. Or taste as good. His mouth watered at the thought of burying his head between her thighs. She reminded him of the botanical gardens he’d visited topside after the simulated rain. Fresh. Feminine. Innocent. And so damn hot.
     Christ! He couldn’t think about that, or he really would rip her clothes off and take her where she stood. It would be easy enough to grip her hips and enter her standing up. He’d fuck her for all he was worth, then carry her home caveman style and do it all over again. Unbidden, the image of her sex, covered in a silky down of red curls, popped into his mind, and he actually groaned aloud.
     “Well, I was hoping to find someone to escort me back and imply we’d had sex.” She looked at him with innocent eyes, and Tyr knew he was looking at her as if she’d grown a second head. Was she fucking kidding?
     “Are you serious? You expect me to imply we had sex? Just what plane of reality do you live on, lady?”
     “I said I’d pay you well.”
     Fuck! The innocence shining in her eyes couldn’t possibly be faked. She actually expected whatever man she found for this job to accept money in payment. Tyr was pretty sure the thought of her “escort” wanting more from her than money had never entered her mind.
     “Stop.” He raised a hand when she would have argued more. “What’s your name? Before we go any farther, I think introductions are in order.”
     Well, fuck, she would have a name as sugary sweet as she looked, wouldn’t she? “Arienne.”  He repeated the name just to see how it felt on his tongue. It felt too good for his peace of mind. Her name did nothing to return blood flow to his brain. If anything, his cock only throbbed harder, more insistently. “Well, Arienne, we may come to an agreement, but I’m wondering if you’ve really thought this out.”
     “Of course I have,” she said matter-of-factly. “I can pay you any price you want. All you have to do is escort me back to my fiancé, tell him I picked you up in a bar and had sex with you. He’s so concerned with appearances, he’ll drop me like so much garbage.”
     “You need a good spanking, Arienne,” he muttered. “Besides, I seriously doubt anyone would believe you picked me up. Or anyone in this Godforsaken place, for that matter.” He already knew he would be the one doing the spanking… as he drove into her hard and fast from behind. Damned if she didn’t blush a few shades lighter than the flame of her hair. Why did that turn him on even more? “Have you considered that no one else in your class would want you, either? You’ll be condemning yourself to a life of being shunned. Your parents, too. Will they let you stay in their home if you come back to them after screwing a roughneck?” That was safer than thinking about what she’d almost done and the punishment she so richly deserved.
     Her face paled a little at that, but she only raised her chin. “My mother might have one of her spells, but my father loves me.” Tyr could see tears glistening in her eyes, but she held her ground. “He’ll be very disappointed, but he would never turn his back on me.”
     Tyr didn’t bat an eyelash. If she was willing to let her reputation be ruined, he was willing to take her up on it. “In that case, why not do the real thing? Go all out. You said to name my price.” He moved into her personal space, crowding her in the hopes she’d beat feet, run back to her safe little world. Then she’d go tell Daddy, like she should’ve in the first place. “My price is sex. With you. If you want me to take Daddy’s little girl back home, you’re going to have to let me fuck you.”
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