Friday, December 4, 2009

It's Here

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Rance Chevalier had a lot to hide. But not even the darkness of his past can stop him from claiming the woman who set his body and soul on fire. He would fight his own past, the unseen threat to her life and even his own flesh and blood who thinks to take her for his own to make Jade forever his.

Rational thought was difficult. He knew he had no right to feel this way. It was silly to feel threatened or pissed because some other man wanted Jade. Who the hell wouldn’t? It was inconceivable to him that she hadn’t been snatched up a long time ago. She was the type of woman men dreamed about marrying. Not only was she a genuine person, kind and caring, but she was fucking beautiful beyond anything. A true, soul deep beauty that made him catch his breath every time he looked at her. Her body inspired thoughts of procreation on its basest level. She was liquid fire in bed…in the shower, on the couch.

Ah, hell, now he was sporting one hell of a hard on.

“You- you- Jackass!”

Rance blinked at the little furious woman who rounded on him as soon as the door clicked shut behind the hapless Mr. Martinez. Did she just cuss at him? Surely she didn’t. Not sweet, innocent Jade.

“Honey, did you just use profanity? Did that naughty little word come out of your sweet little mouth?”

He had always considered himself a reasonably intelligent man. So why the hell was he acting so stupid? He may have never had a real girlfriend or whatever the hell people called it these days, but he had seen enough to know he was treading down the wrong path. And yet, his couldn’t seem to stop himself. She was well and truly pissed, and for some reason, he liked it. He liked to see those brown eyes spitting fire at him. He loved to see the normally tranquil Jade all fierce and pissy.

“There was no reason do to that, Rance. He is no threat to you. All you were doing was throwing your weight around.” Taking the cutest little finger he had ever seen she actually poked him in the chest. “You. Are. An. Asshole!”

He needed to fuck her. Bend her over her own desk and pull up that too conservative skirt and bury himself balls deep inside her tight pussy.

“Yeah, baby girl. That I am.”