Submission Guidelines

Shara Azod is currently open for submissions.

Basic guidelines are the normal for any erotic romance house. (No pedophilia, necrophilia, bestiality, or sex acts that are degrading to women. No dangerous object insertion or stuff that makes us cringe.)


We have a couple of options for short submissions. (5 thousand words or less) This is our erotica line, so there does not necessarily have to be a "happy ever after" ending.

sWet Line
Short, hot, stories with the sex making up the majority of the manuscript.

Holiday Line
Same as sWets, but should have a strong romantic element as well. Themes for the Holiday Line will change regularly.

Whipped Dreams
These can be 5K or longer with a strong BDSM theme.


If you decide you're interested in longer works, we prefer no more than 40K. In that length, there are several options open for you.

White Tigers
Winter or snowy themed stories around white tiger shifters. Submissions should be 10K and above.

Hero's Crossing
These are military heros. Can be anything from a heartwarming feel good story to an action packed sex fest. Must have a HEA ending.

Single Dads
These center around.. well... single dads and the woman who falls in love with him and his children.

These center around pregnant women and the men who fall in love with them. Can be the man she's pregnant by or, even better, the man who falls for her even though she's carrying another man's child. Authors in this series have done it both ways.

Also to consider...

Year of the Dragon
These are Dragon shifters. Just Cowboys... self explanatory. Look on the Shara Azod site for others. These are just the most popular currently.

Themes are added all the time, so check the site sidebar (right side of the page) to check. New themes appear at the top.

If you think you and your book are right for us, please submit your work in a DOC or RTF file (no DOCX files please) to Questions/inquiries can also be submitted to this address.

Happy Writing!
The Shara Azod, LLC Team

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