Thursday, March 21, 2013

Little Black Book 2 | Shara Azod - Adventures in Erotic Literature


 Everyone has desires. Whether they're broadcasted for the world to see or secretly hidden away in a little black book. Dontae has the second of the two and as of late her lover has been more than generous in helping her fulfill every one of them. But Parson also knows her well enough to guess that she has more than one sordid list of naughty hopes. The question is, can he possibly be up for the challenge of the Little Black Book 2?

Bound to Please by Marteeka Karland @ Shara Azod - Adventures in Erotic Literature


 Not every sexual experience is bound to please. For some, it takes an extra push. For others, perhaps a little bondage? Vivian Connor may have just found something tailor cut specifically for her. Lights, camera, action, and just a bit of rope...

Let Her Eat Cake by RaeLynn Blue @ Shara Azod - Adventures in Erotic Literature


 You lack a hunger for life.

Kayla Witherspoon wasn't a fan of sweets nor was she a fan of the creepy ominous messages of ancient fortune tellers. Yet, her one visit with Madame Zee manages to change all of that. A single flat tire, a bakery and one gorgeous cake maker could be just the right combination to spark the appetite that Kayla's been missing...

Redeemed by Megan Slayer Shara Azod - Adventures in Erotic Literature


Find your wildest fantasies at the Q...

Master G knows his subs and his limits. His heart is never involved, but he’s always careful. Except when Mistress Dee is involved—then all bets are off.

Mistress Dee lives to fulfill the needs of her subs, including one desiring a hot ménage with her and another man. She knows just who to ask. But can the Master she wants also be the man she needs?