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Changeling Press - The True One (White Witch 1) By Shara Azod

 The True One (White Witch 1) by Shara  Azod

 Book Summary
Having your world turned upside down in the span of an exhale is difficult as it is. But then to find out everything you've ever known, the reality you once took comfort in is actually a fantasy, is more than enough to push someone over the edge. Add to that the fact you've been informed you have not only one person you're supposed to spend the rest of your existence with but four -- shapeshifters no less -- well, it's more than any woman could deal with.

Dionne no longer knows what's real and what's make believe. Instead of the little adopted orphan she believed herself to be, she is actually a white witch who shouldn't even exist. Her kind is rumored to be extinct. Yet, she's alive and well with abilities shifting into place she never knew she had and four possessive males not willing to continue without their true one, whatever that means.

"You're a wolf."
Nils froze, careful to keep his face devoid of all emotion. The last thing he'd expected to hear after introducing himself to the human interviewing for the position of his personal assistant was a declaration of something he already knew. The question was, how the hell had she known?

The response to his simple, "Hello, I'm Nils Undset..." was astounding. Never mind what the woman had said was completely true. No human could possibly know that. Their minds had been systematically trained by churches, schools, and science to block the preternatural. Modern man could not conceive of what he was.

Since the timid woman had first walked into the office a full two minutes ago, Nils had been increasingly unable to concentrate. There was something really wrong with this human. She smelled like... sex. His cock was uncomfortably hard, throbbing, with beads of precum leaking from the head. All he could think about, watching that angelic face of hers, was bending her over the desk and talking her wolf-style.

In short, he wanted to mate. The need to bury his fangs into the soft contours of her neck had his gums itching. All of which made absolutely no sense. A wolf like him did not mate with a human. Have a night or two of wild sex, yes. But that wasn't what Nils wanted from the woman who had applied to be his, and the rest of his tiny pack's, administrative assistant. And the human had just called him a wolf. Which he was -- there was just no way she could possibly know that.

"Uh, Miss Littles, is it?" Cool disdain dripped from his words even if his heart was racing in a way it hadn't since puberty, approximately five hundred years ago. "I am a captain of industry, yes. I would hardly call myself a wolf. Perhaps this has been some kind of elaborate ruse? Are you some kind of corporate protester who applied for this position as a way to get close enough to... To what, exactly?"

Deep down, Nils was terrified. Not because this woman, Dionne Littles of Isola, Mississippi, could do anything to him. The woman hailed from a town of slightly over seven hundred people. An orphan at birth, she'd been adopted by a pastor and his wife in their later years who had lavished the small girl with love and affection and passed away while she was in college. She had no family, no ties to anyone of consequence -- not that it would matter. Humans were not a threat to him or his kind. Besides, Nils happened to be one of an elite pack of four, the Supreme Alphas of not just wolves, but all shifters in North America. What could this little woman do to him?

He was scared because he wanted her badly. If she could affect the three others this way, they were in deep shit. No way they could mate a human and keep their crown. Crowns. Whatever.

"I had no idea until I walked into the room." The woman, Dionne, refused to be cowed. Curious, that. She didn't appear to be afraid in the least, though she did seem confused. Her delicate brow furrowed as she watched him with eyes that had been deep brown when she walked in. Now they were slowly, but undeniably, lightening to a deep amber. "But you are. An alpha. Old blood."
What the hell? That was not a human trait. As an Arctic Wolf, he would have sensed another supernatural being within a five-hundred-mile radius. There were currently thirty-seven in that area, and he could identify every one.

But not her. This should not be possible. Hackles rose on his neck. It was only by extreme effort he remained still, seated. Dionne Littles had no idea what she was saying. Right in front of his eyes she had gone into a semi-aware trance, forces beyond her conscious mind taking over her and assessing him. Only one creature could do that and they were extinct. Had been for over a thousand years.

White witch.

Inhaling deeply, Nils caught what had not been there when she had first walked through the door. Magic as old as time itself, deep and rich as the Mother Earth. The scent was intoxicating, wrapping around him and drawing out the most primal urges he had thought under his iron control. His already hard cock started to jump around in his pants. His skin sizzled, itched to let out the wolf, to pin her, mark her and drag her back to his lair to be presented to the rest of his tiny pack. Pups; the woman needed to be filled with pups. She needed to be in the middle of an extraordinarily large bed, panting with desire, eyes burning with lust.

What the fuck was this? Natural mates -- mates born to be with one (or more) specific being -- were a thing of myth. There was no such thing as a "true mate," not anymore. Those traditions had been done away with as the paranormal world learned to assimilate into human society. When it suddenly became important to acquire power, money and lands to keep their kind safe and hidden. However, there was no denying the drive pounding at him right now. No way Dionne Little was walking away from this today without coming face to face with the quad who would be her mates for as long as they all should live.

"What did I say?" Just as suddenly as her outburst had come, it seemed Dionne reverted quickly back to the state she had been in when she had first arrived. Hidden, though the heady scent of her magic lingered all around her. She looked mortified, which implied she remembered what had been said, but her expression screamed she'd been horrified by every single word. "I am so very sorry Mr. Undset. I-I have no idea why I would say such a thing. I'll just leave..."

"Sit." Nils couldn't allow her to leave.