Saturday, January 11, 2014

New releases to warm you through the winter freeze!

Unrequited love sounded so cliché when it came to describing what Sansone Sultana felt for his business partner and best friend Nyssa Blackwell and yet, it seemed to be the only viable option of words. When you spent the majority of your time staring at a woman and wondering if you could get away with bending her over your desk without being slapped ugly, there wasn't much else you could use to characterize your feelings. But when Nyssa slips up on the night of her birthday, giving Sansone a taste of the sweetest mouth he’s ever know after one too many, he finds himself questioning if his silent adoration is truly as unreciprocated as he thought. A man recognized for his voracious predatory instincts in their profession, he can’t very well let this slide through his fingers can he? After all, he is called the barracuda…

What's a girl to do when faced with three years of jail time or one night with a sensual dominant? Submit of course. Isabella Court didn't think that one night with with her boss, Duke Vincentio would be as bad as going to jail. What she didn't plan on was the lust the arrogant mogul ignited in her. One night, no jail. What's the worse that could happen?


Valeria went looking for her sister and found... much more.

In danger of freezing to death, she catches the attention of a cat. A cat who is as sexy as he is curious. Sasha is a White Tiger and he holds the key to finding Valeria’s sister. The only question is, is Valeria woman enough to take the heat that will melt the ice...

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Jayanti is pissed. The last thing she knew, she was cavorting with tigers in Rewa, India. Then suddenly she's abducted and dragged off to a zoo in the US with no safe way to shift back to her human form.

Dr. Logan Carter, DVM, has worked his whole life to try to preserve white tigers. When an apparently wild white tiger arrives at his zoo, he sees hope for a new genetic line to revitalize the animal.

But it's not long before Logan discovers his new tiger isn't what she appears to be. And that's when things really start to get interesting...

Neiri Halabi is a Christmas enthusiast and a cat allergist. She just wants to survive her first Christmas alone; with shop bought treats, her basement swimming pool and certainly without swallowing random cat hairs in said pool. Given there's only one other resident in the entire apartment building, it has to be Roshan Ahsani up to no good. While the extravagant building owner may be have a whale of a time keeping large pets and letting them share her space, Neiri isn't about to put up with it. She's going to turn spy and catch Roshan Ahsani at his own game.

Shame she doesn't know that tigers are much better hunters...

Loki has a problem. It seems the trickster has been out-tricked. By a five year old. *sigh*

Now, he finds himself infatuated with a human. An exquisitely gorgeous human. But this is one god who has no desire to be chained to one woman.

Really. He doesn't. Honest.

Now, if he could just convince himself...