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Did You Miss It? Part Two

Women of such diverse, varied interests should balance each other out, making a vacation a safe, fun experience. Yeah, not so much with these chicks. Deciding that Las Vegas is the perfect place to get their shop on, their eat on and their adventure on, the Posse heads out. No one knew quite what to expect, but burning down a chunk of the Strip's most exclusive resort wasn’t it. No one—not even their attorneys, pastors, and other off-kilter friends—could have foreseen that. While the Las Vegas Fire Department (LVFD) conducts their investigation of the blaze and the women who started it, the Posse is treated to tempting views of the gorgeous firefighters putting out the blaze. For these women, talking their way out of trouble is as easy as the yummy specimens of the Las Vegas Fire Department are hard. Someone yells “CHALLENGE!” and before you know it, these hot authors are creating fantasies inspired by the kinds of fires the hard-bodied firefighters could ignite in them.


And introducing...

The story of Allie and Lewis from Allie's point of view. Get a glimpse of how their romance began and blossomed through Allie's eyes.


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Did You Miss It?

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Smack It, Flip It, Rub It Down:

Author’s/Authors’ Note:

Originally, this book was part of the Smack It, Flip It, Rub It Down anthology.  Each story has the same jump-off (a few pages that set the scene), but all are stand-alone tales. 

What the heck is the point of traveling all the way across oceans if you can’t kick off some ish? While Denmark might not seem like a place where you’d find the Posse, no country, territory or hole in the ground is safe from these women.  Down for a little adventure, they head to Billund—home of the original Legoland. They’re not even there half an hour before the whole group is called on the carpet for daring to critique some of the exhibits. The authorities deliver a long-winded lecture on the history of the toy blocks, which is overshadowed by Jayha’s eight-word response in much the same way as Everett’s 13,607 word speech at Gettysburg was overshadowed by Lincoln’s three-minute speech. Jayha’s polite, “Respectfully speaking, you can kiss my whole ass,” leads to the entire Posse’s banishment from the park.   While Jayha leaves, you know the rest of the Posse can’t simply leave it at that.  They want pictures to put in the scrapbook of Posse Misadventures. They get a long-distance hookup from Yazmin, who is still in Italy enjoying shopping and Italian hotties along with Reid. Leaving Laura, Shara and Raelynn to use their wiles to distract the guards, Jeanie and Dréa sneak in and get pictures…
And get caught.  Blissfully unaware of how close her homies are to visiting Danish prison, Jayha’s still at the small café where they left her enjoying hot chocolate. Only when she receives a call from the authorities does she realize what’s going on. Rushing to the amusement park, she groans at the sight before her. Besides blue jeans and leather jackets, the chicks are all sporting Viking horns. Taking a deep breath, she exhales and marches in, knowing this will not end well.
…And so the adventure begins.

This story is linked to the following stories:

·      Getting Dom’d by Shara Azod
·      Spankable Susan by Raelynn

·      Whip Appeal by Reana Malori

·      Fit to be Tied by Dréa Riley and Laura Guevara

TAG! You’re Writ, Volume 2 author note

Author’s/Authors’ Note:

This story was originally part of the TAG! You’re Writ, Volume 2 anthology.  The idea behind these stories is that one author tagged another author.  That author would use some concept, character, etc. from the previous author’s story and spin their own tale.  Author Shara Azod had the pen first and “tagged” it to author team Dréa Riley and Laura Guevara.  Dréa and Laura tagged author Reana Malori.  Finally, Reana tagged author team Jeanie Johnson and Jayha Leigh. 
The tiny but badass country of Kovorkiistan is governed by equally badass rulers.  And then, the rulers are set upon by heroines that stir up all sorts of mischief…and hotness
Though connected, these stories are stand-alone tales.

The Accidental Princess by Shara Azod

Flippin’ the Script by Laura Guevara and Dréa Riley 

Need You Tonight by Reana Malori

And coming soon, the stories of Flame On!!! The Absolutely Could Be True Adventures of the MFPP!! (MF Please Posse)

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Hot New Releases!!!!

Warning this book contains BDSM elements.
Forgetting your anniversary is more than a little oops. Jenny knew she was headed toward punishment the moment the phone rang. The fact that she not only forgot, but had been working late only added to her guilt. Still, Jenny just loved the way Joe punished her.

Charlotte Standford, vampire, and Eder Azrael, Vice officer for the Bureau of Supernatural Affairs, are at an impasse. Charlotte's first impression of him left a bad taste in her mouth and a dent in her wallet and his first impression of her was...well he was too much of a gentlemen most of the time to comment. When their paths cross at the BSA both Charlotte and Eder learn just how fun making a second impression can be.
Tabitha loves spiced rum and cola. Maybe just a little too much. When she gets pissed, she drinks… Maybe just a little too much.

Thank goodness Derk is there to save her from herself. Sort of.

Too bad he's her arch nemesis. At least, he is since "the incident." Other than that, he's the sexiest piece of eye candy this side of the Mississippi.


Dream Builder
There weren't many things Toni was afraid of. She owned and operated a construction company in the Deep South, lived her life on her own terms and never backed down from a challenge. At least, not until Leland threw out a challenge she dared not take. Leland had never wanted for anything a day in his life. He was wealthy, handsome, and of Southern aristocratic background. He had it all. Except for the one thing he wanted most-Toni.

Cashmere Sky
Sky had been badly burned by a disastrous marriage. Her ex-husband's brutal words left her battered and broken in places the scars didn't show. The last thing in world she had time for was some young boy toy, whispering sweet nothings in her ear. Cashmere was hooked from the moment he first saw her. What did it matter how old she was, or what color he was? All he knew was there was something very special about the woman he couldn't get out of his head.

Sometimes love comes calling and its apparent, on the surface, up front and in your face. Sometimes its Something Deeper.

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Marteeka Karland and Shara Azod
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2010 Marteeka Karland and Shara Azod

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

"I'm going to need you to work late tonight," Damien informed Larissa, his attorney. "I want to go over all the financial reports concerning this buy-out before the deal is finalized. Have my secretary order dinner in."

As soon as he made the statement, Damien turned away, watching in the mirror as she stared at his back and gritted her teeth, but nodded even though she had no idea he could see her.

She was irritated, yes, but she was excited too. The intoxicating scent of stirring arousal hit him hard, right in the groin. Her pink tongue darted out to take a swipe at her full bottom lip. Mmmm, he'd be tasting those lips tonight. Watching her hips sway as she moved from where she'd been sitting toward her office, his hands tingled. Tonight would be the night he'd grasp the full globes of her ass, spank them, slam against them. Oh, yes, tonight would be the first of many, many fun filled nights. And mornings. And afternoons.

With a wicked grin, he decided to follow his sexy little attorney. He wanted to make sure she cancelled her date tonight, rather than just pushing back the time. He entered her office moments after she had, not bothering to knock. She hadn't sat down yet, just leaned over her desk talking on the phone.

"I'm really sorry, but something came up so I don't think I will make it at all tonight."

She was damn right she wouldn't be making it tonight, or any other night. Vampires were supposedly a promiscuous bunch, never possessive. But Damien found the very idea of any other man touching Larissa made his fangs descend, ready to rip out a throat. Even now he hated the man on the other end of the line with a vengeance. He couldn't read the human's thoughts since the other man wasn't physically present, but he could hear the regret in the whiny voice on the other end.

Weak. The human didn't deserve to have his hands on those curves. Damien was tempted to reach out and ease that skirt up her thighs, running his nails lightly up the nylons she wore. Would she shiver from the light, teasing caress? Would goose bumps break out across her lusciously dark skin? Oh, he needed to taste that skin. Her neck was tilted just so, an invitation for his mouth to lightly suck the juncture between her head and shoulders. He would run his hands from the sides of her thighs to the front, then upward, so close to her wanting pussy but not touching it. Not yet.

Instead he would glide his hands upwards while tasting her skin, working beneath her shirt up her belly to cup those magnificent breasts. He would hold them over the lacy material of her bra, pressing his erection against her soft ass. He'd use his nails to tease her nipples, running over and over them until she was panting, whimpering for him.

As if she could read his thoughts, she thrust her hips backward, still talking to the whiny man. Damien was convinced he was going to have to hunt down Larissa's would-be date and have a little vamp-to-human talk. Her legs spread slightly, causing the material of her skirt to stretch enticingly across her ass. All he had to do was release his cock from his pants, yank up her clothes and plunge into her. The aroma of her sweet, wet cunt was driving him crazy. And she wasn't thinking about the man she was currently talking to, either. Damien felt no guilt in delving into her thoughts, gratified they centered on no one but him. And how carnal his normally buttoned-down attorney's thoughts were!

He thought he couldn't get any harder, but imagining the way her pussy would fit around his dick made him light-headed. Vampires had precious little blood as it was -- the last thing he needed was for it all to go south, making him a complete airhead. But damn, what heaven it would be to stroke inside her deep and long. He would pinch and pull on her nipples as he rode her, and force her head back so he could swallow her cries of joy.

Perhaps he would pull out just before allowing her to come. Then he could spin her around, forcing her onto his lap as he sank into a chair. That way he could watch his rigid length disappear inside her cunt. He would grasp her ass with both hands, setting a punishing rhythm. He'd rip her blouse open, suckling her breasts as they rocked hard against one another.

Fuck, he had to stop before he took her right here and now, not caring if the entire office heard them. Well, he really didn't care, but Larissa would. To save himself from having to grovel endlessly, he decided discretion was the better part of valor and simply cleared his throat to announce his presence.

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Coming Thursday to Changeling Press!!!!

Larissa has dreamed of a mysterious man for many years. When she meets the man who will become her boss, she knows he's her dream man. Too bad he's always such a perfect gentleman.

Damien is simply biding his time. He needs Larissa with every fiber of his being, but he's willing to wait until he's certain the time is right.

Now, having stood all he wants to, Damien begins his unique brand of seduction to claim Larissa as his. That is, if you can call a vampire's idea of collecting what's his "seduction."

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Larissa has dreamed of a mysterious man for many years. When she meets the man who will become her boss, she knows he's her dream man. Too bad he's always such a perfect gentleman.

Damien is simply biding his time. He needs Larissa with every fiber of his being, but he's willing to wait until he's certain the time is right.

Now, having stood all he wants to, Damien begins his unique brand of seduction to claim Larissa as his. That is, if you can call a vampire's idea of collecting what's his seduction...

Brief Excerpt:

He stood as she came back toward his desk and waited until she set more paperwork on his desk. Then he moved in to stand close behind her as she leaned over,  checking one document against the other. It was something he had done often, and now as ever, she didn't move away. Of course, he had always been careful to keep his still, flaccid cock away from the soft round globes of her ass. Not so tonight. His dick was anything but at rest, and he wasn't about to let this chance slip by. 

Moving in close, he snuggled his rampant organ right in the middle of her ass, forcing her skirt into her crease a little. Ahhhh, that felt so good. Leaning over, he allowed his fangs to ever so gently nip her ear. "Put your hands flat on the desk, arch your back, and don't move."