Thursday, May 19, 2011

Didier Released!

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Soleil is completely disgusted by how Didier moons after her cousin. Such a waste! And he was one seriously fine male specimen too.  If only he were a bit more... alpha. Lord, what was she thinking? An Alpha male would completely take over her life. If he were interested, that is, which Didier wasn’t.

Didi can't figure out what put the burr under Soleil's saddle. She was always gives him the cold shoulder, evil looks, and he could’ve sworn she might’ve actually flipped him off a time or two. What was worse, her hostility only made him hard. Finding a way underneath her considerable defenses isn’t easy. Especially once he finds out she believes he holds a torch for her cousin, Jade.

It was quite a shock for Soleil to find out Didier not only wanted her, but he wanted her for keeps. Too bad she can’t be kept. What Soleil doesn't know is Didier is just like all the other men in his family. Once he decides he wants something, there is no stopping him.

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Guess Who's Coming 
       It pissed Soleil off so much. Didier had excellent ultra alpha potential. Alphas don’t sulk however; it was almost like he was pissing away all that lovely maleness that family had in overabundance. Mooning over her cousin like some tragic figure was just so melodramatic. After a few months, a person moves on. Betas never got over what they considered “true love”. So in Soleil’s opinion Didier was a goner for good. He was forever watching Jade, staring in her direction. It was pathetic. Then again, he was so damn stoic. That was generally an alpha trait; unless he was just some hybrid intellectual beta.
        Wait… why was she thinking about him again? Didier was none of her concern. Let Madére deal with him, she had better things to do.
      “Besides, he’s still in love with my damn cousin. Forget him.”
      Leaning back against the rim of the tub, Soleil closed her eyes and forced herself to think of anything else: The sounds of the bayou at night, the chorus of crickets, frogs and various other creatures serenading the moon; the heady perfume of flora and fauna in first bloom, just beginning to bring forth new life. She tried to picture herself in the midst of it all, calm and serene, at one with nature. Just as she was really getting into the self-imposed vision, Didier stood right there in her imagination, daring her with those eyes of his. It should be illegal to invade someone’s day dreams.
      “Want me to wash your back?”
      Nope. This was not happening. There was no way she was hearing the faint trace of a French-Canadian accent practically purred into her ear. That wasn’t breath she felt against her skin causing a wealth of goose bumps to rise all over her arms and chest. Most of all, there was absolutely no way a beta male would invade her sanctuary so brazenly and dare to run his fingertips light as a feather along the back of her shoulders. This had to be spring fever running wild; an unhealthy suppressed obsession manifesting itself in a vivid hallucination. Or maybe some nefarious soul or sprite slipped a little something among the sprigs of lavender she’s thrown into the fire.
      “You are not here. If you were you would sputter out an apology for invading my personal private ritual and high tail it in the opposite direction. I don’t even know you that well, so there is no way Didier of those damnable Chevaliers would have the unmitigated gall to think to touch me in my bath.” Soleil refused to open her eyes. Even though she was positive this was some kind of waking dream, somewhere deep down inside she knew if she looked she would just be disappointed to find Didier really wasn’t there. “No beta male would be so bold, and Didier de Capêt is most certainly certified beta.”
      She spoke out loud only because words had power. People never seemed to realize just how powerful the spoken word could be. Words could create or destroy with just one careless slip of the tongue.
      “What the hell are you talking about?”

Saturday, May 14, 2011

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Dr.’s Orders by Marteeka Karland & Shara Azod
Dani's in need of some medical advice. A late night examination proves Dr. Sander has the cure for her condition -- as long as she follows the Dr.'s orders. Medicine has never been so easy to take.
        Dani squirmed in the little chair behind the nurses' station, trying to concentrate on anything but Doc Bergman and all his Scandinavian deliciousness. “Call me Sander,” he'd said in that yummy, deep, accented voice. “There's no one here but the two of us most nights, anyway.” Hence her biggest problem. She had no business feeling all carnal toward the doctor she manned the rural clinic with from nine at night until five in the morning.
      Because of budget cuts and an abysmal economy, the tiny clinic masquerading as a hospital could only afford to employ one doctor, a general practitioner and one nurse practitioner for this shift. Dani preferred nights. It was a heck of a lot quieter than during normal business hours when people generally came in. Only five of the ten rooms were occupied at the moment. Nothing too serious -- serious cases were Medi-Vaced to County General immediately, but serious enough that they couldn't go home. They all slept through the night, more or less.
      Of course, Mrs. Martsten, a regular patient, was eighty-seven going on five with no one at home to look after her. The daytime doc just wanted to make sure she was taken care of.
      So here Dani was. The all-too-handsome European transplanted MD leaned over the counter, giving her such a wicked grin she swore her panties had melted. Damn it, she was wearing powder blue scrubs -- she couldn't afford to get this wet, and with no touching to boot. It was criminal the way that man could make her feel.
      “So are you going to help me with my little problem, Nurse Ellison?” Lord, but he knew how to pour it on thick. Her cunt spasmed just from those ice-blue eyes trailing her body as if she were sitting there in the buff.
      Yep, he needed to be arrested right away. He was dangerous to the female population.
      “I see no evidence of any medical malady, Doctor Bergman.”
      She, on the other hand, definitely had a fever. And heart palpitations. And way too much estrogen running amok throughout her body.
      “You think not?” Oh, he just had to go and step into the tiny nurses' station, didn't he? “And what is this if not a problem?”
      Although Dani knew she really shouldn't have, she looked to where one long, thick finger was pointing. Her breath caught, and beads of sweat popped on out on her forehead. Good Mother Mary and the Three Wise Kings -- that could not possibly be real. The erection pressing insistently against his scrubs was one impressive log of pleasure just waiting to happen. Her mouth started to water, one of her legs moving up and down as if they wanted her to jump and jump now. 
      “I look at you, and this happens.” Sander had the nerve to look all lost and forlorn as he shook his head sadly. “No other woman does this to me. Only a cold, hard nurse who refuses to give me even a little kiss.”
      Bullshit on top of bullshit, and Dani could care less. It sounded so damn good she would swallow that bullshit whole and ask for more. She really needed to get away from this man before she did something stupid. Instead she sat there like a bump on a log as the sexy Swedish man moved closer and closer until he was right there, bending down right in her face.
      “Why do you not give me just a little kiss, Dani?”
      How the hell was she supposed to say no to all that scrumptious maleness all up in her face like that? His exceedingly kissable-looking lips inched toward her, and Dani didn't move back. She wouldn't admit to a soul that she leaned into it. Not ever.