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Ukko is a general of the Spentas. He fears nothing, backs down from nothing, questions nothing -- until he finds something he can't explain. Who is this mysterious female with powers equal to his? Who sent her? What is her purpose? And the most important question of all -- how has she captured his heart?

The Chosen: Ukko's Discovery
Shara Azod
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2012 Shara Azod

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

Nimah was in awe of the blond giant of a man she had gone to San Diego to find. A normal woman might have been freaked out to open her eyes and find herself deep in the heart of Finland. But when had her life ever been normal? She wished like hell she could answer his question, but the problem was she had no idea what she was. She just knew she was different. Always had been. A woman with no family, no history, no idea where she came from or why she could do the things she could. Her entire life she had known only one thing for sure -- one day she would meet this man, and she was meant to be here, in his arms.

Since puberty Nimah had dreamed of him. Ukko of Finland had been the number one constant in her life while all else had been transient. Abandoned at birth, she'd been raised in a series of foster and group homes until she'd turned eighteen. That was when she became aware of three very important things. The first was that she was very different from everyone around her. Her abilities were akin to something seen in a sci-fi movie. She'd had to hide all the things she could do from others all her life. Until now.

The second thing she'd been aware of since puberty was that one day she would meet this man, Ukko, and the gaping hole in the center of her soul would be filled. It made no sense in the conventional way of thinking, but Nimah had always known him. She had seen bits and pieces of his entire existence, an existence that spanned longer than recorded time.

The third thing that had been a constant in her life was the unseen threat always hovering in the shadows. Until tonight she'd never seen those who watched, constantly looking for her and others like her. She didn't know how she knew there were others, but she was as certain of it as she was that Ukko belonged to her, that she belonged to him.

If she wanted to she could will herself back to San Diego right this second. That was the last thing she wanted to do. Honestly, she hadn't wanted to run from him earlier, either. Even though Nimah had dreamed of Ukko, she'd never been able to find him. There was never enough detail in her dreams or visions to pinpoint his location until yesterday, when his location popped into her consciousness, followed by a burning need to go to him. It took nothing to be there; she'd simply closed her eyes and willed herself there. She'd left everything behind just for a chance to finally meet him.

But things went horribly wrong. The homeless man she'd helped seemed to call out to her. In some odd way he was important to her and her future. His mind had been so befuddled, a darkness clouding the thoughts trying to push through -- he wanted to tell her something. He was there for her, and Ukko. Generally she never took the chance to showcase any of her abilities. The unseen threat could find her like that. There was always a cold chill that warned her of their nearness -- a shadow that smelled of pure evil warned her to flee whenever she used any of her gifts.

Nimah had felt the moment Ukko spotted her. His disbelief at what he was seeing as she healed the homeless man, his confusion and suspicion, bombarded her like physical blows. As much as her body and soul cried out for him, her first impulse had been to run. It had been so hard to even think! Her pussy creamed, aching with every step. She wanted to stop and run into his arms, but she just couldn't.

So she'd run from him. Too intent on getting away from the man she wanted desperately but was suddenly unsure of, she'd missed the internal warning hardwired in her brain to disappear whenever an all-too-familiar chill raced down her spine. Their sudden appearance threw her. Expecting hideous, monstrous creatures, she was completely unprepared for the beautiful evil that tried to touch her.
Everything within her had rebelled at the wrongness of their touch. Repelling them had been remarkably easy, but Nimah knew without really knowing that it had been Ukko's presence that enabled her to create the energy that felled them. Then why was it that Ukko, who she knew instinctively was far more powerful than she, could not do as she had done?

"What are you, woman?" Ukko demanded yet again, crushing her body to him. He looked so deliciously furious. Confused and turned on at the same time. Even with his lips pressed into a tight line, they looked so amazingly kissable. Proof of his desire pressed insistently against her. She didn't mean to rub up against it, not really. The sharp tug on her hair in response made her moan, her nipples hardening against his chest.

"I'm yours." The words came out in a whisper of their own will. Nimah didn't expect for them to be received very well. What kind of a man wanted some random woman declaring herself to be his, despite the bizarre circumstances of this entire situation?

In response, his lips crushed hers this time. This kiss was as possessive as the first had been passionate. As if to confirm her statement, Ukko took everything, leaving her panting and breathless before abruptly stepping away. "You are no human woman." Nimah had no idea what he meant by that. As far as she knew she was human. Wasn't she? "You say you are mine, prove it."

"What -- what do you mean?" Her heart thundered in her chest. Had she been wearing underwear, they would have been sodden by now. Her jeans felt abrasive against the bare skin of her cunt. She had prepared for this.

With a wave of his hand, her clothing tore apart, falling at her feet. Though she knew he could have easily disrobed himself in a similar way, he stood fully clothed, his hands going to the fastening of his pants.

"Kneel, Nimah. Show me how much you are mine."

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Get Your Pudding Wrestling On!!!

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Julia “The Jewels” Vernon was the all-time, undefeated champion in pudding wrestling, the underground sensation that had made her an extremely successfully businesswoman. Together with her best friend, they had stumbled across a cash cow, but now it was time to give something back. What better way to raise money for her favorite charity than to have a match with the undefeated champion of “real” wrestling?

Okay, so maybe she had ulterior motives for challenging Chauncey Cullens to a pudding wrestling match for charity. And maybe she was teasing him a little in the ring, before she took him down. And yes, she was tweaking him a little by giving in to his request for a rematch, only to take him down again. But a real man could take it, just like it would take a real man to take her.