Monday, July 27, 2009

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Shades of Gray

Bobbi is a woman used to being on her own. She never allows anything to ruffle her feathers and depends on no man for anything.

Grayson is a man who knew what he wanted, and he wanted Bobbi. He just wished she would let down her guard and let him in. While she might have given him her body, it was her trust he was after.

But when a danger lurks, there was only one place Bobbi can think to go. Straight into Grayson's arms. There she learns life isn't always shades of gray.


“Nice shirt,” he managed to croak out without sounding quite as hard up as he felt. Damn, how long had it been since he had been with a woman? Had there really ever been a woman before Bobbi?

Bobbi, at least looked sheepish about her choice of clothing. It was definitely a man’s shirt, and it damn sure wasn’t his. That was not going to do at all. From the moment he saw her in that damned bar, there were no other men for Bobbi. Maybe he was going to have to explain it to her real slow and easy like. Oh, the possible punishments to be had.

“I have a thing for men’s shirts,” Bobbi shrugged and made to turn away.

Grayson wondered idly if he had not been clear enough about his certain predilections. He had tried, in little ways, to let Bobbi become aware slowly, like a gradual awakening to the kind of man he really was. If he had thought for a second she wasn’t predisposed to his distinctly dominant nature, he would have eased off. Not backed away, but gone even more slowly, though it would have killed him. But she hadn’t. With each gradual claim of dominance over the smallest of things, she gave in gracefully, and in most cases, gratefully.

He wasn’t the type of asshole who had to have a woman do exactly what he said when he said how he said it, but he was dominant to the extreme, and his woman would not ever wear another man’s shirt.

He could have asked who the former owner of the shirt was, but he didn’t really want to know. Besides, he had already established, at least in his mind, there was no other man in Bobbi’s life as of right now. Ever. Not past, damn sure not present, and never, ever in the future.

It took little to turn her around to face him. She lifted a raised brow in question, but didn’t stop him as he lifted the garment from her body, realizing too late the effect it was going to have on him.

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Just Released!! New Anchors Away & Two Old Favorites!

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Chain of Command

Her enlistment up, Adanna Ingles is about to start her life anew. Not only is she leaving the ship that has been her home for the last four years, she’s leaving California. There isn't a thing she was going to miss about her life in the Navy. Well, except her Division Officer, Commander Ian Stewart. Ian was beyond hot, but Navy regulations being what they were, she had to be content with simply looking. From the first day he boarded, Ian had been watching Adanna . There was no way that he could touch, but oh, how he wanted to. After spending the last eighteen months being tempted, she was being discharged. Finally, he would be able to let her know how he really feel, how he has always felt.

When Adanna accepts a ride from her former boss, she had no idea that she was sealing her fate. It soon became obvious that he was offering her more than just a ride. Instead of trying to run, she throws caution to the wind and decides to , go along for the ride.

She never knew love could bloom from attraction long suppressed. But can she truly believe that this isn't simply some wild fantasy for Ian? Can she trust the passion between them? Or is it just a passing flame?

Red Skies at Night

Teane McGowan was damn good at her job. An engineman in the United States Navy, she worked hard in a male-dominated rate. Able to fix anything, she didn’t waste time complaining but neither did she back down. … Except from her desire for Chief Petty Officer Brett Olden her work center supervisor.

Working late in the Engine Shop while underway, Teane decides to throw caution to the wind and release some of her pent up tension. Little did she know the object of her desire was present and watching with rapt fascination.

Brett Olden could not believe his eyes. Teane was one of his best workers, which wouldn’t have been a problem if she wasn’t also one of the sexiest women he’d ever encountered. He’d always played by the rules and thus kept it professional even when his body and libido demanded otherwise. But that was before this moment. What was he supposed to do when confronted with visions of a naked Teane taking a dip in the shop's oversized sink? It wasn't the bathing in the sink that got him so much, everyone did that. It was what she was doing in that sink that had him floored. She was self-pleasuring and he was her muse. While he’d spent the last few months fantasizing about her; she was fantasizing about him. Who knew that they’d had the same fantasies?

Now that the secret was out, there was no way to put the genie back in the bottle. Once he heard her call out his name while peaking, there was no way Brett could walk away. It was a good thing that she didn’t want him to.

Fraternization in the armed forces was a serious offense , The lovers had to tread carefully. Although Brett tried to protect Teane, he had to make a choice-his career, or the woman he loves.

Basic Flight Maneuvers

Pippa hated military fighter pilots. Virtually all she knew were arrogant, know-it-all bastards who thought that the sun rose and fell on them. And then there was Captain Seth Austin. Undoubtedly, one of the best pilots she was acquainted with, she could find no fault with the way that he treated the crew or his plane. But she could fault him for his infectious smile and those wicked hazel eyes as they were interfering with her hate of him. If only she didn’t lust after the man, her world would be just fine.

A man good at calculations, Seth couldn’t figure out Petty Officer Pippa Tanner. An easygoing guy, everyone liked him. And then there was Pippa - the one woman that he couldn’t stop thinking about. Everything about her drew him in and he'd draw her in if only she would give him half a chance to change her mind.

Tired of her constant barbs and casual dismissal, Seth decides to take matters into his own hands. Although Pippa finally surrenders to his passionate demands, she keeps a firm hold on her heart. How can Seth convince Pippa that there was nothing casual about their love?

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