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What’s the Scenario Wednesdays

My All Time Favorite Book
Yep, today’s theme is Author’s All Time Favorite

Let me tell you it was tough, but I think I got it. And of course- he’s a Marine.

Setting:  George town condo living room with one seriously pissed off Marine and a bemused woman who knew she was about to get all she ever wanted.

Britt had loved Wes forever. The problem was, he still saw her as a little girl, and worse- the father of a Marine who’d fallen while under his command. It was going to take a lot to force him to recognize the burning passion simmering between them. Luckily, Britt has a lot of patience, and being a true Marine brat, she knows just how to lay a siege.

“Britt, who is this guy?” Greg demanded, eyeing the way Wes’ arm snaked around her waist. “Are you okay? Do I need to call for help?”

Oh, for crying out loud? What kind of man needed to call for help to save a woman in danger? Not that Britt was in danger of anything more than a stiff cock all up in her. If anyone was in any danger, it was Greg.

“I am not in any danger.” Britt sounded affronted. Smart woman. “But I can’t say the same thing for you right now. You really should leave. I am so sorry, I will call you later.”

“No, she won’t.” She would be busy in his bed. This needed to be settled, and he was going to settle it.

Sick with the conversation, Wes slammed the door in Greg’s face and then waited. If the man knocked on his damned door, he was going to lose a hand. There was a muttered complaint, and a few seconds later, a car revved and sped off. Looked like Greg caught a clue. Now for Britt.

Wes released his hold on her and looked at her. She had on one of those wrap dresses that tied on the sides—easy on and off. The red satiny material brought out the brown in her eyes, making her skin glow. Her lips were lightly glossed, her perfume light and alluring. She looked and smelled edible, and he was damned hungry.

To her credit, she didn’t look the least bit scared, though she had decided not to blast him for what he had just done. She had every right to. He had been explicit in his denial that there would ever be anything between them. She was well within her rights to date whomever she pleased.

“Take it off.”

The time for doubts was over.

“You said this wasn’t going to happen.” Her voice was low and sultry. A little gasp proved how turned on she was.

“I was wrong. Take it off, Britt.”

Wes ground his teeth as he saw how easily the dress opened. Just a little tug on the tie at her side and it fell completely open, revealing a see-through ivory panty set edged with tiny iridescent beads. She was going out like that?

He moved forward to slide the dress off her shoulders. His mouth watered as she stood there proudly. The only show of nervousness on her part was the way she bit her lower lip. Such lush, kissable lips. His head dipped to place a fleeting kiss against her shoulder.

“You were wearing this for him?” Greg would never in million years do anything in his life to warrant receiving such a reward. This was a warrior’s woman; she needed a man worthy of all that she was.

He doubted he was such a man, but he would spend the rest of his life striving to be.

Britt shrugged. “He was never going to see my underwear.”

How reasonable that sounded. How little it did to calm the current situation.

“Oh, baby, you bet your sweet ass he was never going to see them.” Wes moved behind her, his hand caressing her bare midriff. His lips found her neck before moving upward to her ear. “I have been such a fool, haven’t I?” She shuddered, just a touch. Her body melted back against him. His hips rocked forward, his cock instinctively questing the round soft globes of her behind to nestle between. “Will you forgive me, sweetheart?” His hands cupped her breasts, and their firm spheres filled his hands perfectly. His thumbs rubbed gently over her pointed nipples.

“Yes.” It was more than an answer to his question; they both knew it.

He turned her then, taking her lips in a soul-searing kiss that left them both breathless. His tongue plundered her as he drank in her kiss. It had been so long since he had tasted her sweetness. He had to have more. Without breaking the kiss, he lifted her in his arms and carried her to the couch. The bedroom was just too far away. It wasn’t until she was settled into the overstuffed cushions that he came up for air.

“You are so beautiful,” he murmured, his hands skimming over the contours of his body. “So perfect.”

He opened her thighs slowly, inhaling her husky essence. He was drooling, anticipating her taste. He didn’t even bother to remove those tiny little panties of hers before he buried his face between her thighs. He had to taste her!

His tongue snaked out for one long, slow first lick. Nothing could hold back his moan of appreciation. She was just as sweet as he had spent countless hours imagining she would be. Her flavor burst on his tongue, daring him to tale more—he was never a man to back down from a dare.

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