Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What’s the Scenario Wednesdays

Ummmm… A theme…How about this?

Setting: Outside concert at the county fair

Set-up:  Dominic agreed to accompany  his best friend Surria to what had to be the most God-awful public concert any county fair ever boasted. It was bad enough Dominic had to swallow his desire for the woman he had known and loved all his life, but did she have to bounce up and down against his crotch like that? It made him want to…    

“If you don’t stop, I swear I am going to fuck you right here,” Dominic leaned down to whisper in her ear. The problem was that she never took him seriously whenever he warned her of her imminent seduction for teasing him. Like now. Instead of even bothering to turn around to see if he was kidding, she had the audacity to stick her ass out and wiggle it right against his crotch.

Dominic glanced around at the crowd. No one was paying them the lease bit of attention. The god-awful band seemed to be popular, though he couldn’t wrap his head around why. Fine. She wanted to push him beyond the limits of a castrated saint, fine – she was going to get exactly what she’d been aiming for since she let him kiss her behind the school when they were thirteen. Only this time, there would be no running home laughing, leaving him with a hard on he had no idea what to do with.

All around them, people shouted and danced and jumped, encouraging the band. Occasionally, someone bumped into them, but no one really paid attention to anyone else. They were right up front next to the stage on the railing area. Surria would step up on the railing and lean over occasionally. Dominic was certain it was to give him a good view of her luscious ass because she would glance back over her shoulder and grin at him mischievously. Damn the woman! She would be the death of him, if death by boner were possible.

Unable to take another second of her teasing torment, Dominic framed her body with his larger one, gripping the metal bars of the rail on either side of her. She didn't acknowledge him, but continued to bob up and down, yelling at the band and singing along with them just like everyone else. He ground his hips against her butt, nestling the hard ridge of his cock into the crack of her ass through the denim. They fit perfectly. This woman was made for him; he knew it in his bones. He’d known that for years, he’d just been waiting for her to realize it.

He stood there for several moments letting her bounce, stroking his cock with her buttocks. If she knew what he was doing, she didn't let on. At least, not at first. When she arched her back slightly, driving her ass harder against him, he realized she knew exactly what she was doing. That little minx! Just who was seducing whom here? She may have teased him verbally, may have ground against him a time or two, but she’d never gone this far in the twenty five years he’s known her.

Carefully, glancing around them quickly to make sure they were still unnoticed, Dominic let his palm slide slowly up the silky expanse of skin on her thigh up to the hem of that ridiculously short skirt. He caressed every inch he could, letting his finger graze just underneath the denim. When he made his way to her inner thigh and higher, reaching his fingers as far upward as he could without just yanking the thing up over her hips like he wanted to, he found nothing but bare flesh. The little vixen had "forgotten" her panties. Except when she glanced coyly over her shoulder at him, he knew she'd done it on purpose. It made his dick jump just thinking about it. How many other times had she done this without his knowledge, waiting for him to make a move? As soon as he got her home, and she would be coming home with him, he was going to spank that ass for years of misery when they could have been happily discovering each other in a whole new way.

Damn it! A man could only take so much, especially when he'd fantasized about the woman in question every day since he was thirteen. If she expected him to be all valiant and not touch her, she was in for a sad surprise. There was no way that was happening. Not this time. Surria was about to get every ounce of the passion he had swallowed, trying to hide while she’d placed him in the friend zone. He wouldn’t let her out of his bed for a week – maybe longer

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