Sunday, February 21, 2010

New! News! News!

A brand new website is coming soon!
 My website will be completely revamped very soon. If you are a member, I am sorry but you will have to re-register. All comments will be deleted. There was just no way to transfer them to the appropriate places. Sorry. I hope you like the new site! I can hardly wait!!! Did I mention you will be able to buy my independent titles straight from the site? I am planning on doing a heck of a lot more larger type stories at the epublishers that I have books at. I really, really want to finish Two Good Men and submit to Cobblestone and I really need to sub something to Changeling. If only I could concentrate- sigh- so much is going on right now. Hopefully all will be well soon. Y'all keep on the lookout. I have it on good authority Solange Dubois had two red hot Chevaliers of her very own and they are just itching to let their story out. Keep ya posted!

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Letricia G. said...

Thanks for the up-date. Looking forward to Solange's story.