Monday, February 15, 2010

Can't Make It to Mardi Gras This Year?

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Let the good times roll during the wildest party of the year in the hottest city. New Orleans is known for its jazz and blues, food and good times, not experience the hot steamy love that blossoms during the best festival there ever was. Four steamy tales hotter than Tabasco, more satisfying than a steamy bowl of gumbo with jambalaya on the side that are guaranteed to keep you toasty. Ca c'est bon!

Night In Heaven 
Reana Malori

The kiss was cataclysmic and it curled her toes inside her shoes as Grant grabbed her by the waist and pulled her body flush with his.  His lips devoured hers and his tongue explored every crevice of her mouth.  He pulled away just for a second to whisper, “Crystal, you are so incredibly sexy and I need you so much tonight.  Please, let me have you.”
Crystal whimpered and leaned into Grant's body as they kissed.  She couldn’t resist leaning closer, opening up to him even more.  Her instant and heated response must have fueled Grant’s lust, because he pressed her body up against the wall as he kissed her, as if trying to get under her skin. 
His hands made their way to Crystal’s hair and his fingers tightened in her long tresses.  The combination of pleasure and pain aroused her senses even more and caused her to kiss him back even more deeply, coaxing Grant’s tongue forward with her own.  It had been a long time since Crystal had been so aroused and turned on by kissing alone, and she felt like she was twenty-one again as she gave Grant exactly what he needed.  

Mardi Gras Encounter 
Laura Guevara

They pulled apart momentarily when the music ended. The notes of a trumpet begin soon after. It was quickly joined by a bass guitar and drums. The new melody roused something inside Nina. The notes were hard, seductive, and wanton. She tuned everyone else out and let her body move to the pulse of the music. All her concentration was solely on them. Jason remained still as her body undulated against him. Any and all reservations slipped away as the soulful tunes filled her body, her hips moving like a belly dancer’s. She lost all sense of time until Jason crushed her to him. Both of his large arms wrapped around her waist in a tight embrace. Wide-eyed, Nina tilted her head back. Her hazel eyes met his blue stare. The passion in his eyes dared her to give them what they both wanted. Nina struggled for breath.  Unaware of how to let him know she had accepted his challenge.
            One of his hands came up to push a loose strand of hair away from her face. His fingers lingered briefly on her jaw line before they traced a path back down her back. The material of her thong was soaked through at the sensations his touch caused. It was too much. Her body needed to find release. Disengaging her arms from around his neck, Nina buried her fingers in his thick hair. Little by little she pushed his head down to hers. Jason easily accommodated but let her keep control of the kiss.
            Nina tentatively reached out and traced his lower lip with her tongue before she tugged playfully. His loud groan urged her on. She repeated the process. She knew the exact moment Jason stopped playing nice. His fingers dug deep into her hips and pulled her further into the hard length of his cock. Nina reveled in his aggression. The shameless hussy that took over her body rubbed her crotch along his hard-on. Her lips finally claimed his. Jason fervently returned her kiss. She forgot they were in a crowded club, on the dance floor, as she pressed further into his body. The only thing that mattered was getting as close as possible to Jason. Suddenly he broke away and whispered savagely against her ear.
            “Baby if we don’t get away from here, I’m going to fuck you here and now without a care as to who watches.”

 An Open Melody
RaeLynn Blue

She couldn't quite fathom what she pleaded for, but she knew it resided south of his nice belt buckle. She gulped down the hard knot of craving in her throat and panted out the passion crawling all over her, for him.

      Ryan stepped back and sucked in a steady stream of air. As he did so, the pressure eased around her. How was he doing that? Wait. Was he doing it? She could breathe again, but her desire hummed beneath her flesh.
      “What's your name?” he said, laughing. “I didn't mean to freak you out. I just haven't ever heard a trumpet melody like that one.”
      She gave him a nervous smile. Easy on the eyes and polite, but then so was Ted Bundy.
      “Can I get you a cup of coffee?” he asked, and the soft flush of heat on his face.
      It meant more to her than before. Nervous. Like any other male trying to get into her pants.
      “I dunno,” she said. “I don't talk to strangers.”
      “Am I so strange?”
      “Yes,” she whispered, not meeting his eyes. She didn't want to see the raging lust she felt reflected in his eyes. If she did, she might take him up on his unspoken offer to exchange phone numbers.
      “I understand,” he said and waved her off. “Good evening.”
      The moment he disappeared from sight, her body relaxed and all things settled back to normal. Trembling from the sudden shift, Tiffany went into Jojo's and ordered a regular coffee, black. Her body shuddered, despite the coffee's heat. The cold feeling rippled across her flesh, except for the triangle between her legs. It burned like a furnace during a winter storm.
      And she knew what thick log she wanted put on that fire.

Perfect Harmony  
Shara Azod

That smile of his should have been outlawed. It was lethal. Valmont closed the gap between them in one smooth move. His arms surrounded her pulling her back into his embrace. She had missed the feel of him in the few moments apart. This was so dangerous. How could any other man in the future possibly compare to the irresistible, magnetic attraction they seemed to share. Maybe it was the enchantment of the city, the magical pulse that ran so deep. Perhaps she was just caught up in it all, being drawn by the forces that made this such a mystifyingly captivating place to be. It was like stepping back in time yet surging forward to the future at the same time.
            And Valmont; he was temptation in the flesh. A conquistador, a Creole gentleman from old wrapped in the package of a modern Renaissance man. Her own Mardi Gras fantasy for the taking. Feeling daring she let her hands wander leisurely over his broad shoulders, moving slowly to the buttons of his shirt. She held his steady gaze, licking her lips in anticipations as she slowly released each button, one by one, until the chiseled chest she knew was there was revealed. She didn’t remove it, letting it hang open as she trailed her nails down the hard planes of his stomach until she reached the closure on his slacks.
            “Chere,” he breathed harshly, a pained look crossing his face. It was unbelievably sexy. The hunger showcased in his eyes made her feel like Cleopatra unveiled before Caesar. Like Delilah bringing Samson to his knees. But she didn’t want to destroy this man. She didn’t need to bend him to her will. She just wanted him. Wanted him more than she had ever wanted anything in her life.

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