Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sweet Submission Available Now

Sweet Submission

Available Now!

Collect On Delivery:

Leita Mallory likes her new job as a mail carrier in the small town of Hartford, TX. Her coworkers are helpful and her route was not that bad. Or so she thought until the day she delivered a package to one Brian Garrett.

After working a long night shift, Brian Garrett was ready to kill whoever was ringing his doorbell so early in the morning. Instead he found a very beautiful, very pissed off woman on his doorstep.

Dance For Me:

Marina Castillo was a good girl from a small Texas city. She knew nothing about the games adults like to play in the big city. She took a job dancing in a cage in one of the biggest fetish clubs in the city to pay the rent. She had no idea what really went on in places like that, nor was she aware she had caught the eye of the club’s owner, Deacon.

Deacon was a man of strong appetites. Marina’s sweet innocence screamed that she wasn’t prepared of all the dirty little things he’d like to do to her. He had stayed away, knowing she would probably run screaming if she knew what he wanted from her. But the threat of losing her forever forced his hand. He had to make her his or watch her walk out of his life forever.


Collect On Delivery

As 3 pm rolled around Leita was back at the post office to end her tour. Most of the other employees were older people who had been there for numerous years yet they didn’t make her feel like an outsider. Saying goodbye, she exited through the employee’s entrance and stopped in her tacks.

Waiting by a huge black truck parked near the entrance was the sexy asshole from this morning. Brain Garrett. The name had imprinted in her brain after he opened the door in those low riding sweats she wished had slipped a little further down. Leaning against his truck, arms crossed over his chest, the man tempted her on so many levels. He looked so fuckable in dark sunglasses, t-shirt, and jeans. Taking a moment to compose herself, Leita continued to walk towards him before turning left on the sidewalk, walking right past him, not even giving him a cursory glance. She had no idea why he was there and she didn’t care. Well, ok, she was curious but she wasn’t going to let him know that. She had no time for assholes.

“Hello,” Leita heard him say as he caught up with her, “will you stop a minute? I wanted to apologize for this morning.” That had Leita tripping over her own two feet. Thankfully, she was able to catch herself before she made a fool of herself. His hands had reached out to steady her but he pulled them back when she regained her footing.

“You ok?”

“Yes.” Leita turned to face him. He had the most engaging gray eyes. They were the color of wet cement. She couldn’t break free. And that scared her because for once in her life she didn’t want to run away.

“If you’re off work, I would like to buy you a cup of coffee. Explain about earlier.”

“I don’t drink coffee and quite frankly after the day I’ve had I want nothing more than to go home, shower and change. So if you’ll excuse…”

“I’ll drive you home,” he interrupted.

The last was more of an order than a request. Leita shook her head, mad at herself for imagining things.

“No need. I just live couple blocks away. Goodbye.” Again, Leita turned to leave but the stubborn man followed her. She stopped and faced him, anger written all over her face. “Let’s get one thing straight. I don’t need you to drive me or walk me home. I am very capable of doing so on my own. So just say what you have to say and then leave me the hell alone before I file a police report for stalking or harassment or something.”

“I want to fuck you.”

Well shit. That was the last thing she expected.

Dance For Me

Happily making plans in her head she headed straight to Sunshine’s office. The witch wasn't in yet so she dropped the resignation on her chair so she would be sure to see it. Damn it felt good, even if her boss wasn't here to see her smug smile. Humming a happy tune Marina pivoted on her heel and ran smack into one very hard chest. She didn’t have to look up to see who it was. Although she was wearing five inch stilettos, the man towered over her. If that wasn't enough to give it away, there was his scent. She couldn’t identify the smell; all she knew was it was woodsy, masculine and it tingled her nose firing off feelings women couldn’t afford to have about her boss.


“Excuse me. I was just leaving.” She took a quick peak upward through her lashes, trying to prepare herself for the quickening in her belly she knew was coming.

Nope, didn’t work. She got all fluttery inside whenever she saw him. Being this close only made it worse. The man was walking sin. As if his dark auburn curls and light blue-gray eyes weren’t enough, he was built like a quarterback, all big and strong without being a steroid junkie. He was the kind of man that made women just want to climb him and cuddle. He had this dangerous thing going on, complete with a tattoo of a wicked looking scimitar on the side of his neck. She really wanted to lick that damn thing.

“No problem.” Yeah, she had almost forgotten about that voice. It wasn't that it was deep, just so damn smooth and calm. Like thick honey. “I saw you; I just didn’t feel like moving.”

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