Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Coming Sooner than You Know...

Most of the creatures on this mystical island had ignored him, thinking he was nothing more than a human recluse who had stumbled upon scarcely populated island. That was exactly what he had aimed for when he decided to come here. There weren’t enough humans around to know there was something off about him, and the so-called mythical creatures that dwelt in the forests would ignore him thinking he was human. It allowed Ares to achieve his aim. To disappear.

As the God of War, he had watched over countless conflicts all over the earth. He was sick of it. He was sick of death and violence, the fragility of human life that they seemed to never appreciate until it was too late. He was tired of destruction. He simply wanted to watch something beautiful grow and thrive. Gardening was his secret pleasure, what he did to still the horrific images that seemed to have taken permanent residence in his head. Slowly the graphic images of combat, war, destruction was fading and being replaced by the peace and solitude of the forest.


Nika sighed as she pressed against the bark of the tree limb. He was so beautiful. The human’s light golden tan gleamed as he worked his garden with love and care, the play of his muscles as he bent, pulled, and flexed made her quim weep. He pruned his garden with infinite care and diligence. Would he make love to a woman the same way? Nika believed he would. He would caress every inch of his love, showering her with kisses and love bites until she open for him like his believed flowers, ready to be filled with his own special pollen.

The thought cause her to giggle, quickly covering her mouth to mask the sound. Not that he could hear her. Humans never heard the laughter of the mythical creature of the forest. They simply had impressions were they sensitive to a world outside the one they thought they knew. No, she simply didn’t want to alert others of her kind she had an interest in this human.

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