Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Taming of Katrina, Chapter One

Chapter One

Aubrey didn’t want to go home. Walking out of his cousin’s Rance’s office building, he knew if he went home sooner or later Remy, Piers, Thierry and Rance would show up, offering to take him out to celebrate his newfound freedom. Aubrey didn’t feel like celebrating. He was glad the divorce was final, relieved it had been a painless endeavor; but this was not a cause for celebration. He hoped that Susan was happy. God knows she deserved to be. He had affectively ignored her for the entire five years they had been married. He hoped she would find someone who would treat her like she was the center of their universe.

Getting in his car, he found himself heading out of town toward the west bayou country. An hour later, he turned off Highway 90 to follow a dirt road for about three miles before he spotted a large, square two-story building. There weren’t many cars in the parking lot. It was early Thursday afternoon; only the hardcore would be inside the club. That was exactly what he was looking for, after a drink or two he’d find some lonely anonymous woman and take her upstairs. He had no place to be tomorrow, having opted out of teaching summer classes this year. His heart wasn’t in it. He wasn’t too sure he was all that interested in teaching anymore. While he still found history fascinating, he had spent more time researching and writing papers he had never published. He now had enough to compile a tome.

Choosing a booth in a darkened corner, Aubrey slouched whiskey in hand as he surveyed the room. Despite the non-descript exterior, the club kind of looked like an English gentleman’s club. There were booths in the back, all covered with butter soft leather, near the dance floor was overstuffed armchairs that could comfortable seat two. The dance floor itself was polished wood. There were no tacky disco balls, no mirrors. Someone walking in from the street probably wouldn’t know what to make of it. But then, no one would walk in from the street.

Unbeknownst to his cousins, Aubrey had joined a number of such clubs. Even when he was married he would often disappear into one for hours at a time. Back then, he didn’t sleep with other women, he went more to punish himself. His cravings were not like many that frequented these places. He was not really into BDSM in the true definition of the word. His peccadilloes dealt more with control. Complete absolute control, though only in the bedroom. Nothing turned him on more than a woman granting him unconditional dominance over her pleasure, and nothing turned him off more than a woman who wanted to be dominated out of bed. He had married Susan knowing she did nothing for the appetites that kept him awake and wanting every night. He could never be that man for her; he just wasn’t the man she needed. He had been relieved when he finally noticed his wife had left him. Susan required romance; soft music and candlelight. She liked to be wooed with soft words and gentle caresses. Despite what most people believed. Aubrey was not a soft man. He had nothing against romantic evenings, hell he enjoyed spoiling a lover, but he needed something more.

Before his marriage he had been easy to find someone to give him what he needed. Although this was well before beauteous Ms. Smith had opened her little pleasure houses, there had been plenty of places to go to meet someone. Back then he was not so much interested in a relationship. The longest he had been with anyone was about six months. The problem was most women who were into being dominated were true submissives. He didn’t want a true sub. He wanted someone confident, secure in herself. Someone who would make him work for it. More than anything else, his time with Susan had given him a desire for someone permanent. He didn’t want Susan, or anyone remotely like her, but he did want a partner for life. A wife, lover and friend. He had pretty good idea who that woman would be. It was just going to be hell getting her to agree.

For now, he would settle for one night with a willing partner. The woman he really wanted rarely came to this club. That was why he chose to drive all the way out here. He wasn’t so sure he could stop himself from taking what he really wanted.

“Why so glum?”

Aubrey was jerked out of his ruminations by the voice that haunted his dreams. He watched warily as she slipped into the booth, sitting directly opposite of him. She reached over to take a small drink out his glass, leaving a perfect outline of her rose colored lipstick on the rim. His dick twitched as she set the glass back in front of him.

“Well?” she asked when he remained silent, arching a perfect russet eyebrow in expectation.

Katrina Smith was a true red bone. Her golden skin held a distinctive reddish tint, her hair was deep russet with natural gold highlights. Her world-wary eyes were the color of rich sherry, large and expressive. She wasn’t short, nor was she tall, standing at five feet six inches. She had the body of a 1950s pin-up girl. Full high breasts, wide hips, a high full ass. She wore clothes that accentuated her figure, but couldn’t really be called provocative. She also happened to be one of the sharpest lawyers in the city. Aside from the ones who belonged to one of her many clubs, her clients would never have guessed she was the owner of the largest chain of alternative lifestyle social establishments in the South. Many called her the Grand Mistress. She carried herself as a dominatrix, even dressed as one after hours from time to time. But Aubrey knew nothing could be farther from the truth. He had been watching her for quite some time.

Katrina was begging to be taken by a man strong enough to take her. Not so much dominated in her life-she was likely to kill any man who tried. Rather, she was in desperate need of a man who would not bend so easily to her will. For some unknown reason, the only men Katrina had been attached to in anyone’s memory were decidedly on the submissive side. It made absolutely no sense. She damn near shimmered with sexual frustration. It wasn’t like she couldn’t find what she needed in abundance. Aubrey was damned glad she hadn’t, but it was puzzling.

There was a darkness about her, an unapproachable aura that kept most men away. Shadows lurked in those sherry colored eyes of hers. Watching her too closely always gave him a since of deep melancholy. Those who were bold enough to approach her never managed to touch her in a real way. Not the way Aubrey burned to touch her.

“So I guess that means you aren’t going to answer me.”

“My divorce became final today,” he finally answered. “And I am not glum.”

“Oh,” Katrina responded. “Sorry. I didn’t realize.”

She was sorry. Aubrey was a decent kind of guy. She knew he was a Dom, just as she most of her regular members predilections. Word was he was kind of on the gentle side, liking to dominate but not really into many kinks. Subs loved him. He had only started actually sleeping with female members recently, since he wife left him. She respected that about him. Most of her female V.I.P. members were crazy about him, even the Dommes. Like his cousins, Aubrey was an extremely handsome man. Tall, well built and with those distinct Chevalier blue-green eyes. But where the rest of his cousins had jet-black hair, Aubrey’s hair was reddish brown. The women he had been when claimed he was not only physically gorgeous, but he was wonderfully masterful, knowing just where to touch a woman among many other things.

She often wondered what it would be like to be with someone like that. Someone who would not only take charge, but would bring her all the pleasure she could take, and then some. She had plenty of opportunities to be with a Dom, but she chose not to. She couldn’t give anyone that kind of power over her, no matter how much she might secretly carve it. Trusting a man with everything you were was a dangerous proposition and she was not about take that kind of chance.

“There is nothing to be sorry about,” Aubrey replied watching her closely. He had good idea of the thoughts running through that beautiful head of hers. She thought it dangerous to give a man dominion over her. Not only did she not trust men in general, she didn’t trust herself. “Susan and I never should have married. We were completely incompatible. I am not glum, I just didn’t feel like dealing with my cousins tonight.”

Katrina could understand that one. Not that she was begrudged Angelique and Regina their happiness or anything, but it was hard to be around the newlyweds. First of all, Thierry was usually not far from wherever Angelique happened to be. Remy was worse, being that Regina was pregnant. And secondly, there was only so much kissy face, lovey-dovey bullshit an innocent bystander could take. Regina had been increasingly unavailable lately. Jade was, well Jade. As smart as Katrina’s law partner was, she could be incredibly ditsy at times.

Poor Jade was being pursued by Rance Chevalier, although she didn’t realize it. Right now she was “assisting” Rance in one of the many pro-bono cases he had recently acquired, as she had been doing more and more lately. Katrina wished Rance would stop beating around the bush and just tell Jade how he felt about her and get the whole thing over with. She had no doubt Jade felt the same way about him; the other woman just needed a little push in the right direction.

“So why did you come all the way out here?’ Katrina asked, taking another drink from his glass.

To avoid running into you, Aubrey thought to himself. Aloud he simply stated, “Just wanted to be alone.”

Katrina nodded. She could understand that. She came out here because she just didn’t feel like being “on” tonight for her many patrons, and she couldn’t quite bring herself to go to her lonely apartment. It was just a little too pathetic. She chose lovers carefully; usually men with just a touch of submissiveness (she just couldn’t bring herself to be with a true Sub). Men who wouldn’t be in town too long. He last “relationship” lasted about a month. That had been well over a year ago. She was lonely, but not really needy. Because her sex life had rarely been exciting, she really didn’t miss that the physical side of being with someone. She missed closeness, no matter who false it was. Pretending in a lovers arms was a hell of a lot easier than pretending on your own.

“I’ll leave you to it then.”

Before she could move to ease out of the booth, a surprisingly strong hand grabbed her wrist. A bolt of pure electricity shot straight up her arm.


Katrina looked up startled and found herself ensnared by deep turquoise eyes. He didn’t look away as he repeated the command.

“Stay. I don’t wish you to leave.”

I don’t wish you to leave? Spoken like a Dom. Still she didn’t move.

“Look Aubrey,” she began carefully, still not quite able to look away from his very direct gaze. “You’re a decent guy and all, but I’m not into the domineering type.”

Aubrey couldn’t help but give her sad little grin. “Aren’t you?”

That brought her up short. She had spent her entire adult life cultivating a certain persona of a strong, independent woman, which she was. But she knew that giving off even a hint that she might be submissive invited a type of man she just didn’t want to deal with. There was no way this sexy, bookish man could have seen through her carefully crafted fa├žade. While she might well be strong and independent, there was a part of her that carved to be conquered absolutely and unreservedly. He couldn’t know that.

“No.” She meant it to come out in a clear, firm voice, but was little more than a whisper.

“Oh, I think you do dahlin’.”

Katrina had never heard Aubrey’s voice sound like that, all sonorous and sexy with a deep Louisiana drawl that was unlike anything found throughout the South. All of sudden he looked nothing like the absent-minded professor she thought she knew and very much like a predator. She shook her head slowly, unwilling to believe the change that had happened right before her eyes. Or had he always been like that? Maybe she just missed it before. Generally she was very careful to observe people who entered her sphere. She wanted to know exactly who she was dealing with. But this time, she had not seen what lurked just underneath the skin with Aubrey Chevalier. More the fool she.

“Are you scared cher? Don’t be. I won’t hurt you.”

Wouldn’t he? Aubrey was something she just was not used to dealing with. Not that he was a Dom, but he was a chameleon. He was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. God help her, but she might be well and truly trapped.


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When is it coming out because I am hooked.

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