Wednesday, January 7, 2009



Authors Camille Anthony, Shara Azod, RaeLynn Blue, Zetta Brown, Savannah J. Frierson, Laura Guevara & Dréa Riley, Jeanie Johnson & Jayha Leigh, Reid Randolph & Yazmin Taylor, and Marie Rochelle would like to invite you to the official launch of the Badazzauthor (BAA) group.

Because we're spread out all over the globe, the extravaganza kicks off on Friday, January 9th at 12:00 am New Zealand Standard Time and finishes on Sunday, January 11th at 11:59 pm Pacific Standard Time.

Come on over to and party with us. This is a buffet-style extravaganza. We're serving up savory excerpts, mouth-watering cover models, and candy-coated fun sprinkled with a pinch of chaos. Along with a scavenger hunt (you will need to familiarize yourself with the BAA website: and games, there will be contests on the drop of a dime. In addition to the e-book prizes up for grabs, there will be a contest for a grand prize which will feature some BAA goodies. Because it's a weekend bash spanning multiple time zones, there are plenty of chances to win.

To help us turn the yahoo boards out, we're inviting a smorgasbord of industry people including authors, cover artists, cover models, editors, owner's of websites that focus on erotic and romance books, publishing houses, and review sites to party with us. So come on over and jump into the adventure. And remember, the BAA are coming together for the LMAO series which will launch in 2009.


Saturday, January 9th at 12 am New Zealand Standard Time (Jeanie)à

Friday, January 8th at 11 am Greenwich Mean Time (Zetta)

Thursday, January 8th at 6 am Eastern Standard Time (Camille, Shara, RaeLynn, Savannah, Jayha, and Marie)

Thursday, January 8th at 5 am Central Standard Time (Laura and Dréa)

Thursday, January 8th at 3 am Pacific Standard Time (Reid and Yasmin)


Sunday, January 11th at 11:59 pm California time à

Monday, January 12th at 1:59 am Texas time

Monday, January 12th at 2:59 am Florida time

Monday, January 12th at 7:59 am Scotland time

Monday, January 12th at 8:59 pm New Zealand time

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