Saturday, June 23, 2007

Sequel to Thierry's Angel

I am planning on beginning a sequel to Thierry's Angel, but can't seem to decide who's story should be next. Are you more interested in Katrina's story (and it's a wild one) or Remy's story? Let me know what you think.

Have a great weekend,
Peace ~ Shara


kwooshies said...

why not Remy and Katrina together? When do we get the next chapter to Thierry's Angel? I'm going crazy. :D

Anonymous said...

Hey Shara
You can't leave us hanging like that with Thierry's Angel. I hope you are selling it on ebook somewhere or plan to do more postings because i can't wait to see the ending . As for your question , I like Remy's story first and i want to see him pay for all the teasing his been doing.

Anonymous said...

Thats a tough one! Whoever is trying to push up to the forefront in your head to be heard next I guess! Either way, I'm going to love it!


moejinga said...

What about Remy and Katrina together, a match made in hotness

Shara Azod said...

Sorry, Katrina and Remy would be way to combustible together. I am a firm believer in balance. You have all given me something to think about though. I really hope you'll like what I come up with.

Jay said...

I was kinda picturing Katrina and Remy together but I see your point about putting those two together.

Remy's story would be great. He's really growing on me.


Moejinga said...

i waited all weekend, well in the Netherlands the weekend is over but no update of Thierry's Angel, so now i'm going to beg for an update, please don't leave me hanging like this, this is one of my favorite story,so please please update.