Monday, June 25, 2007

Remy Goes to Therapy

Diego Serrano as Remy

Remy watched the dark skinned woman as she smiled and moved among the crowd. Her hair was once again coiled in a tight bun. In fact, the few times he had seen her hair had been in that same damn bun. Everything about her seemed to be under complete control. What would it be like to see her hair down? What would it be like to see all that cool control thrown right out the window? What kind of man would make her loose control? He cock hardened precipitously at the very thought. What he wouldn’t give to be that man.

“That Remy is watching you again,” Jade whispered in Regina’s ear.

Despite playing it cool and collected, Regina felt her panties moisten at the thought of those wicked eyes watching her. He probably would just like to talk. Once people found out her profession, they seemed to want to corner her at parties and “talk.” Free therapy more like it. Still, a girl could fantasize couldn’t she. And with a bad boy like Remy, there was plenty to fantasize about.


Anonymous said...

Remy and Regina are an excellent hook-up! I totally see those two together. They would really compliment each other. Nice!


Jay said...

Fire and Ice - I like that! Also, Diego Serrano looks dark and dangerous which is how I suppose Remy would appear when he's not mercilessly teasing someone.