Monday, May 6, 2013

One Night with Pasqual -- Hump Day HUMP

Pasqual Chevalier had never found himself wanting for something that was unattainable. As one of the many offspring from one of the most powerful and prestigious names in the south, he was—in a word—entitled. To money, to women, to whatever his heart wanted. So why was it so hard to obtain the one thing he'd wanted for the longest but never had the ability to admit out loud--the heart of a women he's desired for years? Too stubborn to open his mouth and say the words, he finds himself in a precarious position after a wild night with an unnamed woman leaves his cousin Rayce hot and cold with him and asking Pasqual to look after a pregnant friend...who happens to be one Rhonda MacDaniels; the same woman Pasqual has been carrying a torch for. Now he has to question himself as to why her taste, touch and scent seem so familiar...and why he has such a strong yearning to take the role of her unborn child's father.


The door had barely clicked closed before Rhonda found herself pushed up against it, then lifted in exceedingly strong arms. Unable to do anything else, she wrapped her legs around Pas’ waist, trying to anchor herself. She didn’t have to worry about it. As his mouth swooped down to capture her, he cupped her buttocks, lifting her to his rigid, swollen crotch. Intuitively her hips rocked in small circles as Pas ruthlessly pressed his shaft against her. Okay, the fantasy was something she had always wanted, but this reality? His kiss wasn’t passionate, it was consuming. He pillaged, stealing her breath, her sense of self, even.

The kiss went on until she felt as if she were melting on the inside, her entire body supported entirely by his arms and the solid surface behind her. But even as he freed her lips, his own never ceased assaulting her senses, moving down the front of the simple dress she wore. Gripping the V-neck on either side, Pasqual ripped the poor (okay, yes, cheap) material down the middle without pausing, leaving Rhonda to gasp at the action, thrilled down to her soaking pussy and beyond by the act.

Rough hands kneaded her breasts, placing exquisite pressure on the nerve endings located there. His teeth scraped her nipples before he sucked them inside his hot mouth, causing tiny quakes deep inside her pussy. Her head fell back against the door with a thump as Pasqual’s hands slid down her body to her crotch. His fingers unerringly found her clit, pressing the sodden cotton of her panties against the hardened, sensitive nubbin, deliberately sending all her senses into overdrive.

It was so hard to breathe, so hard to do much but clutch at Pasqual’s head as he ravished her utterly. His fingers played with her through her underwear until her gulps of air turned into tormented moans, her hips bucking wildly to increase the delicious agitation.

“Ummm, Rhonnie, I like watching you come.” The deep voice was muffled, his voice causing vibrations against her skin as he didn’t bother to release her breast from his greedy mouth.

Her eyes snapped open. He was watching her? Sure enough, the lapis lazuli orbs watched her face intently. Curiously, knowing he watched her fueled her own desire. Her body reflexively spasmed as a small orgasm washed over her, but did nothing to relieve the intense erotic pressure building inside her. In fact, it only increased the desperate need for more, deeper, harder.

“I think I want to taste you as I make you come,” Pasqual purred at her. Oh, God, did he even know how his words made the yearning so much worse? “Would you like that, baby?”

“Yes, please.” She wasn’t even sure he meant for her to answer that, but hell, yes, she wanted that.

Instead of lowering her to the the floor, or at least carrying her over to the bed, Pasqual dropped to his knees, slinging her legs over his shoulders. At first he didn’t even move her panties aside, but bit her crotch lightly before sucking the upper part of her pussy, clit and all, while pressing his fingers against the lower part. Rhonda let out a keening wail, clutching his hair in a death grip. Sweet baby Lord, she was so freaking close!

“Please, Pas! I need more!”

Why wasn’t he filling her already? She really needed his tongue, his fingers, glory to the saints above, his cock deep inside her. There needed to be penetration, damn it! Why wasn’t he getting on that?

“I know, sugar,” Pas murmured, casually pulling the crotch of her undies to the side. His fingers did a slow, lazy stroke against the seam of her cunt while he blew against it. “So wet for me. Aren’t you a delight?”

Pasqual Chevalier thought she was a delight? Saints have mercy, that was as much of a turn-on as what he was doing to her body. But thankfully he didn’t waste much more time, lowering his mouth to her needy pussy. The feeling was so much more wickedly erotic than she had been expecting. In her dreams it was wonderful, but the reality was beyond mere words. His mouth moved in a carnal kiss, his tongue moving inside her channel as his lips massaged all the surrounding area. Anchoring her shoulders against the door she moved in rhythm with his mouth, the last of her inhibitions fleeing with the expert touch of the man she had longed fantasized about.

Pasqual feasted on her flesh as if it were his last meal. Relentlessly, he drove her to heights that seemed inconceivable, first with just his tongue, then he used his fingers, driving inside her in quick, deep thrusts, his fingers curving up slightly to reach the spot that made her scream with wild abandon, clawing at his shoulders as she shuddered in ecstasy over and over again. Rhonda was barely conscious by the time he rose again, carrying her to his bed. His lips claimed hers again, sharing the taste of her own release. There was no thought of turning away, of rejecting the claim he clearly had on her body. The eroticism of it all only made her hungrier for more.

“I want to taste you.” Rhonda surprised herself by uttering the longing out loud.

“Later. I need you.”

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