Monday, November 26, 2012

Decadence (Whipped Dreams): Shara Azod: Kindle Store

Decadence (Whipped Dreams): Shara Azod: Kindle Store
 Decadence (Whipped Dreams)

Sequel to Dance For Me from Whipped Dreams: Sweet Submission

Rubine was his. Maximilian would allow no one to come between them. For five long years he’d waited patiently for Ruby to heal, waiting for her to come to him, waiting for her submission…and he would have it all.

After all she'd suffered at the hands of someone who she thought she could trust, Rubine should've been scared and completely disinterested in the lifestyle. But the fantasy, the dark lure, the promise of being thoroughly dominated by a man she knew would never hurt her kept the submissive inside her in a constant state of need. There was no way she could ever really walk away from her darkest desires. The reason? One man. Maximilian. Only Max.

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