Friday, May 4, 2012

Welcome Back, Kimber | Shara Azod - Adventures in Erotic Literature


Twenty-four hours can change your life.
In twenty-four hours one can find what was thought lost...forever,
Emotions long dormant can flame to life,
Secrets and lies can be revealed to destroy one relationship,
but build another.
Twenty-four hours can restore love and hope,
In twenty-four hours one can find the beginning of Happily Ever After.

Kimber has spent the last nine years looking for the child she was told died at birth. She’d always known it wasn’t true. She’d always known deep down that her daughter had survived, but her father had done too good a job in hiding her baby from her.

Finally exhausted from her almost decade-long search, Kimber returns to her hometown looking for a way to bury the past and start again. The last person she ever expected to run into is her daughter, who’s been living with Kimber’s high-school sweetheart for nine heartbreaking years!

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