Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What’s the Scenario Wednesdays


 The theme today? Tough Love ~
‘Cause a little spanking
never hurt anybody!

Scenario: A BDSM club that caters to vampire royalty 

Set Up:  It takes a brave human soul to dare offer themselves up to a Vampire Dungeon. Demetri and Vlad are vampire royalty, so they've seen their share of submissives come and go. The one they name Blossom, however, piques their interest like no other ever has. Together, they intend to discover if the little human has what it takes to be the Vampires' Mate.
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“Seems like our little Blossom has something of a rebellious streak, hm?”

Demetri could sense Vlad’s surprise. It wasn’t that they needed a submissive -- not just any submissive, anyway. They needed the woman who would be their mate. The urge had come upon the two a while back, driving them to search anywhere and everywhere they could. If she was submissive, so much the better; it saved time trying to train someone to what both Vampires needed. But Vlad honestly hadn’t been paying attention to that part. He was too caught up in the way her mouth worked his dick. Demetri really didn’t blame him. What he had seen had been masterful.

“She is rather bold,” Demetri commented between clenched teeth, but I prefer you not point it out now, he added just to Vlad, telepathically. The mind-to-mind communication came easy to them at this point in their relationship. Not just anyone could communicate telepathically with a Vampire. Only his mate. For political reasons, Demetri and Vlad chose to keep their true connection secret. Though they weren’t of the same linage, they both had royal blood. Admitting they were mates might seem to some as if they were trying to consolidate power, and Vampires loved nothing so much as they loved power.

“I think that’s something we’ll need to rid her of, don’t you think, Demetri?” Vlad’s voice deepened, getting deliciously dangerous. Demetri loved it, loved what they would do next.

“Perhaps. It will definitely be fun working on that.” Demetri took a step away and lightly caressed Blossom’s cheek with a single finger. “Do you know what a breeder’s bench is, little one?” Her gaze darted around the room before settling on the smooth leather, padded bench. She took a deep breath and nodded, causing Demetri’s cock to jump once more. “Go and position yourself on the bench and stay perfectly still.”

Blossom rose gracefully to her feet and padded across the room, climbing onto the narrow, table-like bench. Without being told, she got to her knees, but laid her upper body flat on the table, leaving her ass high in the air. With a little nudge from Demetri, Vlad followed, securing her hands and feet to the bench with built-in cuffs on either side, front and back. The padding made it comfortable both for her and for a man on his knees, pounding into her from behind. The restraints held her legs apart, allowing them both to observe the glistening flower of her cunt, to smell her arousal.

“What a lovely sight,” Vlad purred. Demetri smiled at his lover’s growl of approval. It wasn’t until Vlad had her neatly secured that he realized she’d assumed a position both of them wanted. The female had good instincts.

“Very. It will be an even better sight when her ass glows red under my hand,” Demetri answered. He didn’t miss the subtle shiver that made Blossom’s body tremble, or the tiny drop of moisture that trickled down one thigh.
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This snippet has my skin crawling and itching to be spanked! Argg that was hot:)