Thursday, May 19, 2011

Didier Released!

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Soleil is completely disgusted by how Didier moons after her cousin. Such a waste! And he was one seriously fine male specimen too.  If only he were a bit more... alpha. Lord, what was she thinking? An Alpha male would completely take over her life. If he were interested, that is, which Didier wasn’t.

Didi can't figure out what put the burr under Soleil's saddle. She was always gives him the cold shoulder, evil looks, and he could’ve sworn she might’ve actually flipped him off a time or two. What was worse, her hostility only made him hard. Finding a way underneath her considerable defenses isn’t easy. Especially once he finds out she believes he holds a torch for her cousin, Jade.

It was quite a shock for Soleil to find out Didier not only wanted her, but he wanted her for keeps. Too bad she can’t be kept. What Soleil doesn't know is Didier is just like all the other men in his family. Once he decides he wants something, there is no stopping him.

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