Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Now Available!!!!

Now Available!!!!

Exactly at midnight on May 5th, 2006 Mahogany Messeroux cast a spell to obtain the perfect man.  She never dreamed the spell would deliver Acacius Montoya, a warrior straight from the Battle of Puebla, Mexico in 1862. For Mahogany, it was love at first sight. But--there is just one problem. The handsome Latino must return to his own time after every Cinco de Mayo and can only be summoned once a year. Five years later she discovers she has the opportunity of saving the man she loves and keeping him in her world on a regular basis, or so she thought.

Acacius Montoya is doomed to repeat the same day at the Battle of Puebla for all eternity thanks to an evil warlock, Maximilian. The ebony bruja intervened just in time to save his soul from The Harvester. But who will save Mahogany from making a mistake that may cause her to miss the spiritual evolution necessary in shaping  her future as a person and a witch

Cinco de Mayo was a time to celebrate Hispanic heritage. Persia Andersen would like to celebrate it alright-after all, it was part of what had created Michael Fernando, director and owner of the Help Center where Persia is employed. Too bad Michael had never shown the slightest bit of interest in her or anyone around the Center. Until that magical night when inhibitions are set free. Persia found she wasn’t the only one hiding attraction.

From the locker room to the bedroom these two dynamic people keep the timbers burning. While the fireworks are going on outside, Persia and Michael create their own brand of fireworks inside. Come join Persia and Michael as a Brooklyn block party to celebrate the holiday turns into a night to remember, Michael’s style.

Joaquin wants Dawn with a passion that borders on obsession. She was sister's best friend, and so he'd always considered her off limits. Yet he could never run away from her, he never let her go even if it was only in his head and heart. Her presence in his mind was the only thing that kept him going at times. The rigorous training in the Marines had been grueling, dirty work- it was thoughts of Dawn that helped get him through. Then his sister, Carmen, wrote him a warning. Dawn was seriously dating another man. Joaquin knows he has to make his move now, or lose her forever.
There has never been another man for Dawn other than Joaquin. Sure, she's dated guys and had her fun, but Joaquin was always her ideal, no one could ever leave up to him. Unfortunately, there was no way she could ever tell him how she felt. If he’d wanted her, she was right there, and he’d never made a move.

Then came the annual neighborhood Cinco de Mayo celebration.  Joaquin sees Dawn with his arch rival- there was no way he was going to allow that to happen. She was his, it was about time he claimed her. Things just go up hill from there…

***Continuation of sorts to His Willing Prey***
Miguel Estrada had the pleasure of being the wet dream of many a woman.  And why shouldn’t he be?  At 6’2” and 235 pounds, he had the kind of body that was most often found gracing the cover of fitness magazines.  He also had the kind of hair that was usually found headlining hair shows, which is why he rarely wore the glossy raven mane loose.   Despite his jaw-dropping good looks, Miguel wasn’t just good to look at, he also had brains.  A nose for bullshit, and a knack for winning, along with a J.D. (with highest honors of course) from University of Chicago, netted him a partnership in one of the nation’s top law firms…and all of the perks that came with it.
All in all, Miguel Estrada was the shit…and he knew it…and failed to pretend otherwise.  These days Miguel didn’t waste time pretending a damn thing including love, hate, and fear.  Ironically, he loved, hated and feared in equal portions.  He hated injustice, ignorance and bigotry.  He loved the women in his family, justice, and tres leche cake.  Before meeting Entity Vivace, he’d feared nothing.  After meeting Entity, he came to fear the chaos Entity might conjure up, the wrath of Entity’s sister, and when he was honest with himself, he feared the hold Entity had over him.   Of course, he wasn’t admitting that last bit to anyone.
A black woman with junk in her trunk, an imagination that knows no bounds and a big sister who specialized in making her dreams come true, Entity Vivace was your run-of-the-mill ex- windsurfing and snowboarding champion turned entrepreneur.  She had a thriving internet business, shops in South Beach, on North Shore, and now in Southern Cali.  What she didn’t have was Tyler Morah—the hottest man on a board since the invention of the surfboard—which is why she’d turned to Miguel Estrada for help.  Miguel might be three parts asshole and one part MF, but he was one of the most badazz attorneys…anywhere. 
She’d asked him nicely to help her procure Tyler and she gave him a week to make it happen.  Being the epitome of goodness and light that she was, she also gave him a list of repercussions of what would happen if he didn’t heed her.  Silly man, not only did he not heed her, he ignored her.  That left her with only one thing left to do: take him down.  Knowing how much he liked tres leches cake made by his friend Carmen Rodriguez, she intercepted said culinary orgasm and ransomed it back to him…never realizing how far he’d go to get his tres leches cake back.  Of course, he didn’t realize how far she’d go to bend him to her will.    And neither of them had any idea how far their friends would go to see them together.
Carmen's story coming soon- Really, really soon...

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