Tuesday, August 17, 2010

One of My All Time Favorte Re-Reads

If you have never read this, you should. It may not all apply to you, may not apply to you at all, but I remember being a junior in high school and preforming it. I had never felt a part more deeply, never connected to the written word so absolutely. Here is an excerpt of what I mean:

dark phases if womanhood
of never havin been a girl
half-notes scattered
without rhythm / no tune
distraught laughter fallin
over a black girl's shoulder
it's funny / it's hysterical
the melody-less-ness of her dance
don't tell nobody don't tell a soul
she's dancing on beer cans & shingles...

i can't hear anythin
but maddening screams
& the soft strains of death
& you promised me
you prmised me...
somebody / anybody
sing a black girl's song
bring her out to know herself
to know you
but sing her rhythms 
carin / struggle / hard times
singe her song of life
she's been dead for so long
closed in silence so long
she doesn't know the sound
of her own voice
her infinite beauty 
she's half-notes scattered
without rhythm / no tune
sing her sighs
sing the song of her possibilities
sing a righteous gospel
let her be born
let her be born
& handled warmly

I strongly recommend this book, when you are hurting, afraid, or confused. Just a thought.  

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