Friday, July 16, 2010

Must Read ~ Seriously Heart wrenching

A Complete Woman
Tracy Johnson has seen better days. She’s suffered her fourth miscarriage, her boyfriend has left her and an unexpected death has called her home. Home isn’t where her heart is, and Tracy hadn’t been home since high school. She got out and she never planned to go back—until now. Soon Tracy finds that death is the least of her worries. As she reunites with her high school friends, Tracy discovers lies, sex, and betrayal have festered in her absence. Through the rollercoaster ride of incidents, Tracy and her friends fight to break free of society’s perceptions of a complete woman. Some will rise and embrace their completeness. Others will crack beneath the pressure—but one thing this is certain—no one—not even Tracy, will ever be the same.
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Shara Azod said...

It was an excellent, moving book. Loved it.