Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Georgie's Beau


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Georgie had always been on the outside looking in. As the bastard daughter of the man who ran the local jook joint, there was little hope of a respectable life in store for her. Especially after she caught the eye of Beau Dupuis, son the richest man in all of South Georgia. All he could offer her is a nice house hidden away on his families plantation, but Georgie yearned for more.

Beau had never had to wanted for a thing. He got what he wanted, and what he wanted was Georgie Willard. For her, Beau would break all the rules,defy all of society just to be with her. Little did they both know what the fickle hands of fate had in store. Through war and strife, Beau would have to fight to keep Georgie’s love.

“Are you okay, Georgie?”
Snapping her attention back to the man in front of her, she nodded briskly.
“I-I don’t pretend to know what just happened, but Beau, it can never happen again.”
Beau’s eyes narrowed at her, his blue eyes turning dark and stormy. Georgina shivered, as if caught in an actual squall, but she couldn’t back down.
“I mean it, Beau. I plan to get married someday, and I can’t…let you have your way with me. What decent man would want me then?”
He was so quiet, so still, for a moment she was afraid of what he might do. Not that she thought he’d hurt her,but she knew she would be helpless to resist if he decided to force the issue.Closing her eyes, she willed with all her might that he would understand. After a few moments, she felt his hand caress her cheek.
“What man wouldn’t want you? Decent or otherwise,” he finally answered softly before turning and walking away.
Georgiana slumped against the wall as she watched him go. Nothing good can come of it, she kept reminding herself to keep from calling him back.


Anonymous said...

Hi Shara
Is this an extended version?.

Shara Azod said...

Not really. There was some clean up of the original and some clarification, but there will still be a sequel.

Huda said...

can't wait to read this.

Monica said...

Just finished this story and it was great!!! When can we expect the sequel??? I'm anxiously awaiting...excellent job!

Anonymous said...

Magnificently done! From inception I was hooked! The beginning of Shara's 2nd paragraph truly outlines the reality of how southerners looked (and some still do today)at interracial love. Even with all the various shades of color within the black race that is seen as tangible evidence; people still don't want to grasp the idea that blacks and whites have always had a sexual history; and no doubt some of which had to have been entwined with forbidden love. Shara you were certainly on point with this one. Characters were well developed. Loved it!!! Keep'um coming!!!

Shara Azod said...

Thank you so much!!! It was a real labor of love and not everyone appreciate(s) it. Your words mean the world to me.