Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Hot Naughty Bites!

Dirty Little Secret

Reading the naughty pages is forbidden, plain and simple but Lady Abigail Stanwick is too old to care about what is forbidden. She is curious about bed play and the naughty pages are just the thing to help her. What will she do when Lord William Canteridge finds out her Dirty Little Secret and decides to make her a deal?

The Faery Princess

The princess.

Ellsinore is happy with her life and values the solitude she has in her little cabin in the woods. All is exactly as she wants it… Until he appears.

The protector.

Devlin is a messenger from the king sent to bring Ellie back to the Magical Forest. A member of the king's Elemental Guard, Devlin thought he was prepared for anything, but the attraction that swamps him when he meets Ellie takes him completely by surprise.

The problem.

Not only is Devlin charged with Ellie's safety, he's also supposed to protect her virtue. Now, he has to decide if the love of a faery princess is worth his very life.

Unexpected Valentine

It has been a busy past few months for both Gunnar Daniels and his fiancee Tyler Carver since their story in The Beauty Within. Gunnar is opening a new gym and Tyler's been helping out her sister take care of her new baby while helping her mother adjust to life back in the United States. Things have been so hectic that an unexpected Valentine gift from Tyler reminds Gunnar just how important that date is to their relationship. Is it too late for Gunnar to commemorate the day in return?

Workout Partner

Michelle Simmons has been half in love with Luke Anderson, the owner of her gym, for months. Little does she know that Luke feels the exact same way about her. One unforgettable night in a hot tub will show these two what having a workout partner really means.

Piper’s Pleasure

Captain Piper’s transport duties require poise and professionalism. Ryan Seagrass does everything to ruffle her feathers and to poke holes in her professionalism. He’s everything she doesn’t need—sarcastic, head strong, and arrogant. The more she detests him, the more she desires him. With a long layover on the moon, Piper’s limit is reached and Seagrass publically puts her in a position that will ultimately lead to her pleasure.

Chemical Reaction

Dr. Ezekiel Soren has encountered an odd chemical attraction. He wanted Shana Wilkins so bad he can’t concentrate on his precious research. The woman stayed firmly implanted in his cerebral cortex no matter what he did. It was past time that he experimented a little. He and Ms. Wilkins will simply have to combine to explore what could be the chemical reaction.

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