Friday, June 26, 2009

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With a fierceness and determination that inhabits most volunteers, Rolanda swelled with pride as she followed her dreams of helping her fellow world citizens as she trekked across the globe to Afghanistan. There she discovered she was volunteering for something even her wildest imaginations could not foresee- as what awaited her in that hot, desert clime was a mysterious sheik that looked and breathed as if he were ripped from pages of the erotic romances which were her guilty pleasure. With a tenseness that gripped her throat with the possibility of the unknown, she realized her only way of escaping him was to submit to his will and regale him with the erotic tales he demanded. With her future on the line, she began to spin one tale each night for one thousand and one nights in order to secure her freedom. But what kind of freedom did he mean? Biding her time, Rolanda spun him the First Night's tale while subconsciously plotting her escape.

In the land of Frumos, nothing is quite what it seems - as was true with infamous brothers Valentin and DragoĊŸ. The Alexandrescu's, were rumored to be brutal despots, renowned for taking their land and whatever else pleased them, by brutal force. But what Kiana found as she investigated the mystery of these brothers was something beyond all comprehension; something dark and enigmatic. In this tiny Eastern block country she became so entangled with them, that she would never be who she once was.

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