Thursday, April 2, 2009

Presents for Sue Ellen

Sue Ellen Coleman is through with dealing with life New York. She is finished working her behind off for peanuts, especially now that the Wall Street firm she works for has been taken over by the Dynamic Duo. Lusting over her two gorgeous bosses could come to nothing but an aching heart and a cold, lonely bed. Defeated, she makes plans to move back to her tiny North Florida hometown.

Blaine and Royce couldn’t believe their ears. The woman they had been cautiously wooing for months was about to walk out of their lives forever. They just could not allow that to happen.

Forced to make a move, they seduce the confused Sue Ellen, desperate to earn her love.

Will they succeed in getting their hearts desire and their long awaited present?

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1 comment:

Randall Lang said...

Wow Shara,

You've been a busy warrior princess, writing all these books between sessions of kicking old guys in the ass. Now ain't you 'shamed of yourself for picking on that nice ol' guy?