Sunday, November 9, 2008

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In the legacy of cowboy lore, the landscape has often remained pale. Shara Azod, Kathleen Rowland and RaeLynn Blue offer Black Roots and Cowboy Boots: An Anthology of African American Cowboys. This robust and sizzling anthology offers stunning, but sensual stories that take place in the past, contemporary, and future of cowboy life and love.

A glimpse of the past arrives in MAIL ORDER HUNTRESS, a historical novella. Mail order bride Truth Hannah arrives to meet her intended, a Black cowboy, Benjamin Stahl, but he doesn’t know it. As a favor, another cowpoke signed him up. Truth isn’t about to head back after she meets her handsome, mysterious intended.

Another slice of the cowboy life is offered up in RIDE OF A LIFETIME, a contemporary erotic tale. Trace Richards is not happy. As a star of the African American rodeo circuit, he should be out there bronco bustin'. Instead, he is stuck babysitting his bosses’ granddaughter. It's bad enough a minor injury is keeping him out of the saddle, but when the bosses brat turns out to be the finest woman he had ever seen Trace knew he was in for trouble.

Jesse Love was a woman on a mission. She out to prove she is more than the bosses granddaughter, but that she is one hell of a cowgirl. She is also out to get her man. Jesse has had her eye on Trace for quite some time, and she was determined to rope her one obstinate cowboy.

The anthology concludes with a futuristic flash forward in ASHES OF LUST. Space cowboy, Anton Johns, has spent the last ten years of wrangling space debris and rogue satellites for Orbital Junk, Inc. It isn’t a glamorous job, but it pays the rent and the upkeep of his mechanical horses. That’s the way he likes it, predictable and pleasant. But while on Earth Prime collecting broken bits of a satellite and boosters, he discovers a dead body. When investigator Commander Sydney Ashe arrives, Anton will do anything to wrestle her sweet body.

Lead investigator for Outpost 1 on Mars, Commander Sydney Ashe is stunned when she’s assigned to investigate a suspicious death on the Earth Prime. It’s a job for a lesser investigator, not a seasoned commander like herself. Thinking she’ll be in and out in a matter of days, Sydney meets Jacob Jones and is instantly attracted. But will she drop her guard for a common space cowboy? Or will she sail on to her next assignment without another look back?

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